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Chairs from the Collection
Elevation & Pile | Shir Atar

2010, Prototype, Materials: Recycled yarn, 65(diameter) X35 cm
Courtesy of the designer

In this work, Shir Atar has produced a
series of ottomans: sculpted seats pleasant
to the touch, made of material resembling
felt. Atar's cooperation with the Israeli
manufacturer, Ofertex, specializing in the
recycling of industrial fabrics, led to the
development of a non-woven, resilient
material made from recycled fibers. Felting
machines in the Ofertex plant do not operate
according to the standard felting process
familiar in the industry, which includes
stages of soaking, steaming and pressing the
material. The machines are able to produce
a fabric which is light weight and consists
of less material, without subjecting it to the
aforementioned stages. The material's fibers
are synthetic and made from polypropylene
waste material received from a carpet
factory. The different seats in the series were
inspired by organic forms reminiscent of a
mound of hay or mountain slopes, and the
image they bring to the home resembles a
stack of chopped tree trunks.

Shir Atar ( Born in Israel) is an industrial designer and graduate of the Holon Institute of Technology. Early on in childhood, Atar was attracted to materials and their use in products. Upon the completion of his studies, his interest in raw materials and technology found expression in his work. The link between an inquisitive approach and traditional manufacturing gave birth to surprising products exhibited in Tokyo and Cologne (Köln), where Atar was honored with the Interior Innovation Award of 2011.

Photos: Itay Benit


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