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Chairs from the Collection
Chair One | Konstantin Grcic

2004, Designed for Magis, Materials: Die-cast aluminum, anodized, 82X55X59 cm
Courtesy of Tollman's

Chair One is constructed similar to a football: a number of flat planes are joined together at different angles to produce a three-dimensional form. The chair is made entirely from aluminum, using the technology of pressure injection in steel molds. It was the first time that such large molds were used to produce mainly small parts. This method of molding is particularly economical for making more complex and precision made parts weighing 0.1 - 20 kg. Since very thin sides are produced in the process, it is possible to achieve substantial savings in raw materials without affecting the strength of the casting. Throughout the years, additional versions of the chair were produced, including doubling its size to fashion a bench, and subsequent modifications in the legs, which were crafted to adapt the bench for use in public spaces.

Grcic's goal was to produce a chair which would have more airy space than matter, and to combine comfort with a strong frame. Four years of work on the chair turned Chair One into a design icon which can be seen in the permanent collections of museums such as New York's MOMA and the Pompidou Center in Paris.

Konstantin Grcic (b. 1965 in Germany) is a 
designer who received his education at London's Royal College of Art (RCA)in London. Since opening his studio in Munich, he has designed furniture and lighting for leading design companies, as well as curating a number of exhibitions in international design and art events. Grcic's products are industrial, minimalistic and simple. The role of the product is defined in human terms, and the design combines meticulous formality with a good measure of humor.
Photo: Itay Benit

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