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Chairs from the Collection
IDEA 32 | d-Vision: Ron Eyal, Alon Blumenzweig, Nathalie Toledano-Oved, Hannah Spender

2012, Prototype, Materials: Polyurethane Foam, oak, 62X31(diameter) cm
Courtesy of Keter Plastic

The stool is the final result of the cooperative effort of four young industrial designers created in the framework of the d- Vision project sponsored by Keter Plastic. The concept for the bench's seat, made by casting in soft folded molds, came from the world of origami, which was a source of particular fascination for all four designers.

However, they needed as many as 31 attempts in order to reach the right combination between the hard and soft materials, therefore the stool was named Idea 32. The molds used by the four were folded by hand, creating a foil common in the plastic industry. In the second stage, they cast polyurethane in the folded molds which successfully maintained the original shape and design. Each casting was different and unique, providing a singular expression of the person who folded the mold by hand.

d-Vision was a unique internship project (operating until 2012) for the development and design of products associated with the plastic industry. The project combined academic studies with manufacturing, aiming to produce a new generation of designers in Israel. It was initiated and supported by the
Keter Plastic company.


Photos: Itay Benit

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