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Chairs from the Collection
stuben21 | Nicole Horn and Peter Daniel

2004, Materials: wood, stainless steel, 86X101X42 cm
Courtesy of the designers

This bench is part of a series of 21 furniture
pieces designed by the Austrian duo Nicole
Horn and Peter Daniel. Horn and Daniel base their work on traditional Alpine living culture, dating back hundreds of years, which is a subject of fascination for both of them. They strive to maintain the tradition and values of the culture, while transforming Alpine design concepts and forms into up-to-date and
contemporary furniture. Their focus is on the design process, material and functionality, all geared to serving the comfort of the user.

The designs are thus simple, restrained, and perhaps even familiar. Natural wood has always been the most outstanding motif in the culture of Alpine living; even in the Ice Age, thousands of years ago, the material
was used in building and for heating. Many years later, natural wood was integrated in furniture and interior design.

In the modern expression of this culture, Horn and Daniel combine wood with stainless steel in a clean design needing no ornamentation, yet not classifiable as minimalistic. The entire series is built around comfort and warmth on the one hand, and a feeling of stability and safety on the other.

Peter Daniel (b. 1963 in Austria) and Nicole Horn (b. 1974 in Austria) began collaborating in 2003; under the wide umbrella of their activities they design and produce furniture in a small furniture factory adjacent to their studio. Horn is a designer by profession and both have Ph.D degrees in law.

Photos: Itay Benit

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