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Chairs from the Collection
Love Seat | Hironen

1995, Prototype, Materials: Steel, Maple, synthetic upholstery, 178X85X90 cm (Large), 164X77X90 cm (small) 
Courtesy of the designers

The Love Seat chairs are part of an
installation assembled from five mirrors and
two upholstered wooden chairs. The chairs
are actually two units of massive wood,
cellular seats which possibly embrace,
possibly intimidate. Their stability depends
one upon the other, since each unit has only
two legs instead of four and neither of them
can function without the support of the other.
As in other works by the duo of designers
there is a strong antagonism between the
hard and rigid material, which almost cuts
with its sharpness into the soft material.

Hironen is the brand name of the design
studio founded in Tokyo in 1989 by the
the designers Ronen Levin (born in Israel) and Hiroyoki Okawa (born in Japan). The partnership between the two designers who developed on different cultural backgrounds gave birth to a specific style peculiar to them, which clearly owes nothing to Japanese or Israeli aesthetic traditions. Some of their works take inspiration from the virtuosity of the Rococo period, while others draw on modernistic sources such as Bauhaus and minimalism. The furniture produced by Hironen is more like living creatures than furniture.

Photo: Itay Benit

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