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Chairs from the Collection
Exta Chair | Ezri Tarazi

2007, Prototype, Materials: aluminum, 104X45X54.5 cm
Courtesy of the designer

The uniqueness of this chair is due to the way it is formed from a single unit, which is repeated eight times. The unit is made of aluminum and produced in a process known as extrusion. The process of extrusion uses a combination of metals and polymers which are passed through a permanent die, resembling a meat grinder. The process allows for the production of very lengthy parts which may later be divided into
identical smaller segments. The technique of
extrusion is mostly used for producing metal wires, tubes, bars, profiles and so on.

The use of this economical technology in the production of chair allows the material to be cut to different lengths, so that the chairs can be made in a variety of widths (single, double, triple, etc.) The chairs' flexibility adapts to the form and size of the body. It was produced in cooperation with the Israeli profile manufacturer Extal.

Prof. Ezri Tarzi (b. 1962 in Israel) is an industrial designer lecturing in the master's degree program of the Faculty of Industrial Design, at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, where he received his education. After he founded Studio Tarzi in 1996, he designed the master's program (serving as its head until 2012), as well as the internship project d-Vision for Keter Plastic. Tarzi's work has gained international recognition and is found in major museums around the world such as the Museum of Modern Art and the Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in New York. Tarzi also devotes his time to promoting research in design and writing about the subject.

Photos: Itay Benit

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