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Chairs from the Collection
Flux Chair | Tom Schouten & Douwe Jacobs

2008, Materials: Polypropylene, 84X67X66 cm
Courtesy of Michal Shaul

In a moment of inspiration and discovery, designer Douwe Jacobs folded a simple piece of paper into several precise folds, and a new era of folding chairs was born. Although the chair was produced as a simple cut from a single piece of paper, it was surprisingly strong. The process of development lasted two years, and was eventually awarded the United Kingdom's Grand Design Product of the year 2011.

Jacobs and Schouten are avid devotees of the folding concept and consider the folding chair an historical symbol of luxury - from ancient Egypt to the period of Napoleon, the folding chair was seen as an object of status and beauty. This is a far cry from its status today as an uninteresting piece of furniture taken out of a closet when unexpected guests arrive.
 The folding chair is an intelligent design solution to living spaces which are getting smaller, and represents an era in which objects are expected to be environmental friendly, made out of energysaving material, and can be recycled.

Flux is a Injecting one sheet of polypropylene produces a chair weighing five kilograms and capable of bearing a weight of up to 160 kilos. The unique flat design of the chair is space saving - a stack of one meter high can hold 77 stairs, which allows many chairs to be moved together, thus saving transportation and petrol costs, as well as reducing air pollution.

product designers duo Tom Schouten (born in Holland) & Douwe Jacobs, founded their studio called Flux in 2009, where they began focusing on the concept of the folding chair. The two studied together for their master's degree at the Technical University of Delft, where they produced their first joint project. The hybrid name Flux - a combination of Luxury and Flexible - describes the concept of a contemporary adaptation of the traditional chair.

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