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Chairs from the Collection
Volo Corten | Alessandro Lenarda

2007, Designed for Metalco, Materials: Corten steel, stainless steel, 43.5X180X61.5 cm
Courtesy of the designer 

This unique metal bench, designed by the Italian designer Alessandro Lenarda, is made out of a laser- cut forged steel sheet, polished and adapted in a special oxidization process, which allows for the placement of the bench in private and public, interior and exterior spaces. With time, Corten steel, which was also used in the circular ribbon-like bands on the façade of Design Museum Holon, changes the tone of its color in accordance with the placement of the bench, the change of seasons, and its exposure to weather factors such as sunshine and rain.

The natural oxidization process of Corten steel is considered stable when the final color reaches a shade of dark brown, and at the stage when it no longer releases rust powder. This process can take from 12 - 18 months.

Alessandro Lenarda (b.1939 in Italy) is an Italian architect and designer who previously engage in design research and instruction in a number of academic institutions in Italy. For many years, he specialized in technologies related to glass, in collaboration with public cultural institutions and commercial companies. His work has also received recognition in the field of Italian art, and can be found in collections of major museums in Rome, Milano, Munich and New York.

Photo: Vitaliano Lopez

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