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Chairs from the Collection
Flaxx Chair | Martin Mostböck

2011, Designed for Intier Automotive Eybl (since 2015 in the collection of Moroso Spa), Materials: Natural Linen, Polypropylene, steel 92.5X57X44.5 cm,
Courtesy of the designer

Natural linen was introduced in a new form by the Austrian designer, Martin Mostböck; the chair he produced features a seat and frame made of 100% recycled material. Mostböck collaborated with the German company, Intier Automotive Eybl, producers of auto parts, in order to create a new material suitable for furniture. The resulting material is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. It is made of multiple layers of natural fiber, which are formed in a three-dimensional mold by applying heat and pressure. The fibers are usually fashioned from flaxseed, an annually renewable raw material, with polypropylene fibers acting as an adhesive which fuses with the linen to create the seat mats.

Combining linen fibers with various complex
materials known for their strength, durability
and light weight has produced a family of
materials known as natural fiber composites;
these materials have been increasingly used
by industrial designers for industries such as
automobile manufacturing.

The unique form of a hybrid chair, especially
in regard to the seat and backrest, offers
the comfort and pleasing movement of a
free-swing design on the one hand while, on the other, it has the total stability of a conventional four-legged chair.

Martin Mostböck ( b in Austria), an architect and designer, studied architecture at the Vienna University of Technology. In 1994, he began working in other fields, such as urban design and planning, the field in which he presently works in his independent studio in Austria, which bears his name. Throughout the years, Mostböck has shown his work in many exhibitions around the world, receiving prizes for his coveted designs.

Photos: Itay Benit

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