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Chairs from the Collection
Shoshana Chair | Oneg

Manufactured by Oneg , Materials: wood, plywood 43.5X41.5X134.5 cm
Courtesy of Adv. Rami kornetzki and Liora Reznik

This chair was manufactured by the furniture firm Oneg in the early 1960's. Advertisements typical of Oneg in general, and of chairs in particular, reflected the life style of Israelis which included sitting on the balcony in a reclining chair; thus, a folding reclining chair was a popular item in Israel, which could be found in almost every home in the 1950's and 60's. There were two versions of this chair: the first had a standard seat and the second had an extended seat similar to reclining chairs seen on the beach. 

Reclining chairs of the 1950's were made with a wooden frame over which a thick canvas material was attached, but it wasn't possible to adjust the sitting angle without getting up from the chair. During the 1960's, when plastic and aluminum became popular, reclining chairs could be found with a lightweight frame of aluminum and a seat made of woven straps of plastic threads. Other than the possibility of easily adjusting the sitting angle without getting up, the feel of the new material was more pleasant than the stiff canvas. Nevertheless, when rising from that type of chair, one's body was left with an imprint of the plastic straps on it.

Oneg was an Israeli factory for the production of furniture, working in southern Tel Aviv from the beginning of the 1950's. The company manufactured simple and durable furniture. In the beginning, it specialized in folding furniture made of wood and then from aluminum. Later the company began to produce office and institutional furniture. With the years, furniture items made by Oneg became icons of Israeli furniture.

Photos: Itay Benit

When a rest from
exhaustion is due...
rest after work is very important. On the open balustrade or in the garden of your home, you'll enjoy resting twice as much on a reclining chair made by Oneg... when purchasing
furniture, look for the Oneg name; it provides a guarantee for strength, lightness in weight and long life..."

(from advertisement for
Oneg, appearing in "Davar" newspaper, 14.4.1957)

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