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Chairs from the Collection
Saddled | Eilon Armon

2014, Prototype, Materials: plywood, bicycle parts, 71X31X105 cm
Courtesy of the designer

The bicycle chair designed by Eilon Armon
for the exhibition "Free Wheel" (Design
Museum Holon) is part of a group of chairs
combined with bicycle parts.

For Eilon Armon, an industrial designer and avid bicycle rider, there is a special attraction to two kinds of objects: bicycles and chairs.
In this collection he combines the two to
create a series of what he calls "desirable
objects" - the kind that the observer will feel
that he wants, whether due to the interesting
use made of them, the unusual technology
applied or their optimal integration into the
esthetic space in which they are placed. The
chairs made of different materials and with
varied technologies fall into the category of a
kind of "suggestion" for examining elements
such as comfort, and pushing it to the limits
of its definition. Eilon Armon wonders about
the accepted way of thinking which dictates
that chairs have to be comfortable; he
suggests another approach where comfort is
not a necessary attribute. Freeing ourselves
from its importance allows us to look at other
aspects and parameters affecting the design
of the object.

Eilon Armon (b. 1963 in Israel) is an industrial designer who often works in the field of furniture design. In the past he served as Head of the Faculty of Industrial Design at the Holon Institute of Technology, and is today a lecturer at other institutions. Armon also works in the interior design of apartments, offices and stores.

Photos: Itay Benit


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