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Chairs from the Collection
Poli Lounge Chair | PRODUCKS & Mika Barr

Self production, Materials: Net printing, Polyurethane, fabric, 83X107X80 cm
Courtesy of the designers

This chair, the product of a collaboration
between the textile designer Mika Barr and
the team of Yoav Avinoam and Gil Sheffi
of the PRODUCKS studio, represents the
merging of different techniques from two
worlds. The seat of the chair is made of an
innovative three-dimensional textile achieved
by a unique printing technique that Barr
invented for the fashion world and interior
spaces. Barr took her inspiration for making
holes in the textile from studying forms and
shapes in nature and from different structures
in urban spaces - natural or man-made.

The 3D textile consisting of variable folds
allows the creation of a seat and backrest
made out of one piece of fabric, and
utilizing any excess material for the folds
that fill parts of the frame. The cooperative
effort with Avinoam and Sheffi produced not
only the chair but also a variety of lighting
sources that incorporate Barr's unique
textiles. Working together with the duo also
resulted in a new design brand, SALT, under
which the three create lamp fixtures.

Mika Barr (b.1983 in Israel) completed her studies in the Faculty of Textile Design at Shenkar in 2009, and continued studying during a year in Milan. She runs a successful textile design and printing business in Tel Aviv, from which she sells her products worldwide, and exhibits in numerous exhibitions.

Yoav Avinoam (b. 1980 in Israel) and Gil Sheffi (b. 1982 in Israel) are graduates of the Faculty of
Industrial Design at Bezalel. In their studio, PRODUCKS, founded in 2008, the two design furniture and exhibition spaces and collaborate with well-known Israeli companies.

Photos: Shachar Fleischmann

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