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Chairs from the Collection
Folding Chair | Prima

1960', Manufactured by Prima, Materials: Aluminum, plywood, formica, 77.5X44X50 cm
Courtesy of Adv. Rami kornetzki and Liora Reznik

During the period of the 1960's in Israel, this
folding chair answered the need for reliable
and simple furniture which could be easily
stored when not in use. It was produced
by the furniture manufacturers Prima, and
is part of a set which includes a matching
folding table.

Furniture finished with formica in a variety
of colors and prints decorated Israeli homes
beginning in the late 1950's, when the era of
plastic was ushered in. Formica is a synthetic
material usually glued on plywood. It is
exceptionally resistant to water, scratches
and food, due to the inclusion of plastic in
the compound. This folding chair also marks
the beginning of the era when aluminum
was put to use and can be credited for
contributing to the light weight of folding
furniture and its durability over a longer
period of time as opposed to wood, which
was heavy and perishable.

Prima was an Israeli company manufacturing furniture in Holon until 1980. Prima's folding chairs, with a variety of formica prints, turned out to be icons, and a small number of them may still be found in flea markets

Photos: Itay Benit

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