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Chairs from the Collection
Primo Blanco | Ayala Serfaty

2010, Self production, Materials: Handmade felt, New Zealand merino wool, silk, 65X110X103 cm
Courtesy of the designer

In the works produced for Primo Blanco,the designer made use of merino sheepwool and mulberry silk. Merino is a pureand natural wool fiber of 26 microns,extracted from sheep of that breed (raised insouthern Germany). In this project, Serfatyutilized a technique to produce natural felt,including manual processing of the silk andwool fibers together, cutting the material intovarious shapes, sewing and then filling themwith synthetic fibers. The technique rendersa three-dimensional sculpted cover, whichis then mounted over an ergonomicallydesigned core of polyethylene foam. Inthe process of "sculpting" the felt intovaried shapes and forms, Serfaty obtaineda non-woven fabric, stronger than mosttypes of weaves, with the added quality ofmaintaining warmth.

The series of chairs from Primo Blanco ispart of a larger group of pieces made out ofnatural felt produced from a variety of fibers,such as wool, linen, silk and even bamboo.The process of producing the series wasa lengthy one until the desired textures,combinations and color schemes wereachieved. In the design of Primo Blanco,similar to other designs of hers, Serfaty wasinspired by nature in order to create a softand organic look reminiscent of the shapesof sea corals and other marine creatures.

Ayala Serfaty (b. 1962 in Israel) studied inthe field of visual arts and has been workingas a designer for more than 20 years. Inthe 1990s, she and her partner establisheda furniture and lighting business underthe brand name of Aqua Creations. Itemsdesigned by her for restaurants and hotelsunder that name are known world-wide andearned her an international reputation. Herdesigns are still shown in the design weeksof Miami, New York and Milano and havebeen featured in many exhibitions aroundthe world

Photo: Alby Serfaty

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