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Chairs from the Collection
Zigi | Yaacov Kaufman

2009, Prototype, Materials: Steel, zinc, epoxy, Polypropylene, 70X81X98 cm
Courtesy of the designer

The Zigi armchair was inspired by furniture
designed in the 1950s; it is an updated
version by designer Yaacov Kaufman, who
added the function of stackability and made
use of today's modern textile weaves. The
chair has a wrap-around design that offers
comfort and ample room for sitting, in spite
of its airy form and flat seat.
The frame of the chair consists of a steel
tube around which a taut and randomly
woven sleeve of polypropylene material
is wound. Both the steel construction and
the polypropylene sleeves are industrially
produced. The sleeve, reaching a length of
200 meters per chair, is woven and drawn
taut by hand, requiring skill and experience.
The method of production is based on a
traditional Japanese weaving technique
used for rattan; it was adapted in a studio
working with contemporary materials that
are weather resistant. The woven sleeves are
randomly placed and appear to be made
of fabric. The weave is joined to the curved
frame in such a way that the seat and the
back appear as one surface.

Prof. Yaacov Kaufmann (b. 1945 in Russia) is an industrial designer, professor of design, and one of Israel's top veteran designers. He served as the head of the Department of Industrial Design in Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Israel and a senior lecturer (until 2012). Throughout the years, he collaborated with many international companies such as Lumina and Luxo, and participated in over 20 oneman shows and scores of group exhibitions. His work has been reviewed In Israel and
abroad, and he is the recipient of numerous prizes awarded in international design competitions.

GAGA & Design is a design brand founded by Kaufmann in cooperation with industrial designers, Rami Tareef and Tal Gur, who have combined the personal projects of each of them under the brand name. The new partnership has given rise to a series of furniture through which the designers seek
to find a balance between design elements such as functionality and aesthetics, while discovering creativity inspired by working with textiles.

Photos:Moti Fishbain


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