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Six Out of 400 | Yaakov Kaufman

These six stools produced by the Israeli designer Yaakov Kaufman are but a small part of a continuing process of research that includes hundreds of stools made in order to examine various elements of product design. Kaufman produces all of the stools independently and almost intuitively from simple and readily available materials during the seminars he conducts in his studio. The creation of a single stool invariably leads to another idea which will find expression in the next stool.

Kaufman's in-depth research compares with investigative processes in other theoretical fields. Through his work, the designer is exposing the viewer to an unedited process of product development, similar to automated instructions in a program for the three dimensional production of objects, where there is a conscious abstinence from elements of choice, selection or reduction, resulting in an ordered series of definitive and fascinating design elements interwoven into the product. As in weaving, the process is composed of horizontal and vertical elements such as: ordered thinking, definitions and terms - all of which will be woven into flexible and liberated concepts derived from one main source - a stool.

The hundreds of stools produced by Kaufman can be classified into six main categories, each of which expresses an aspect or another area of focus in his research: historical and cultural archetypes; the experience of sitting; extracting a stool from its raw material; structures amenable to dismantling, locking or folding; manipulations for flattening, moving and introducing flexibility into the material; and sitting on the edge - stretching the proportions and normal measurements of a stool.

Prof. Yaacov Kaufmann (b. 1945 in Russia) is an industrial designer, professor of design, and one of Israel's top veteran designers. He served as the head of the Department of Industrial Design in Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Israel and a senior lecturer (until 2012). Throughout the years, he collaborated with many international companies such as Lumina and Luxo, and participated in over 20 oneman shows and scores of group exhibitions. His work has been reviewed In Israel and
abroad, and he is the recipient of numerous prizes awarded in international design competitions.

1. Prototype, Materials: Pine, 50X23X23 cm, Courtesy of the designer

2. Prototype, Materials: Steel, Polypropylene, synthetic fabric, 25X48(diameter) cm, Courtesy of the designer

3. Prototype, Materials: Plywood, aluminum, 52X33 (diameter) cm, Courtesy of the designer

4. Prototype, Materials: Plywood, 50X32(diameter) cm, Courtesy of the designer 5. Prototype, Materials: Okome wood, steel, 34X36X20 cm, Courtesy of the designer

6. Prototype, Materials: Plywood, Steel, rubber, 40X60X27 cm, Courtesy of the designer
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