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Chairs from the Collection
Flat Nouveau Chair & Hack Chair | Ronen Kadushin

2012, Designed for free manufacture as an open source, Materials: aluminum 
Small-scale models are courtesy of the designer

The Flat Nouveau Chair was designed
specifically for the Vienna Design Week
in 2012. Inspiration for the chair came
from the art-nouveau movement which
was influential in the early 1920s, and
characterized by organic lines and overly
ornamental elements. The chair, made of
laser-cut aluminum and formed by hand, is
actually a sculpted-humoristic expression of
art nouveau, influenced by later trends to
revive the movement.

Kadushin is among the pioneers of "open
design" - a concept and business model
promoting the sharing of information. Anyone wishing to use spread sheets and work files in order to produce products designed by Kadushin, is welcome to use them, change them or take advantage of them for personal use; the contract based on intellectual property used by communities of collaborative information on the Internet governs the use of these products. This chair and others by Kadushin, produced with the same technology, appear on his website, and anyone interested can download the file on laser cutting and instructions for producing the chair.

As a result of the many responses and suggestions made by those using the open files, Kadushin produced another chair, Hack Chair, with more "hacked" elements
characterized by geometric and sharp lines.

Ronen Kadushin (b.1964 in Israel) is an industrial designer who has lived and worked in Berlin since 2005. Kadushin developed the concept of "open design"in 2004, and is considered among the pioneers of collaborative information in the field of design. Based on this approach,he founded a furniture and lighting company which has clients throughout Europe. Kadushin products are exhibited innumerous exhibitions, and he lectures on his concepts for globally networked societiesat conventions and universities around the world.

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