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Contemporary Design
Elinor Portnoy | Puddle in Green and Blue, Composition Number 5 | 2017


Puddle in Green and Blue, Composition Number 5

Elinor Portnoy
Israel, 2017

Hot cast glass, blown glass

Time Machines, 2018

Object Number

The "glass puddles" in this work were designed to present the manner in which a liquid material hardens into organic forms, and to examine the power relations that influence it over time. The bubble serving as a flower vase and the base on which it is placed form an arena of action resembling a photograph of a frozen process. Like the vanitas motif in painting, the flowers and glass allude to the passage of time and the arbitrariness of human existence.

Created at the Corning Museum of Glass Studios, Artist in Residence Program

Elinor Portnoy, Puddle in Green and Blue, Composition Number 5 , 2017. Photo: Shay Ben Efraim


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