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Contemporary Design
Dana Zelig | Lilies | 2017



Dana Zelig
Israel, 2017

Cotton, active responsive gel

Uncanny, 2018

Object Number

Dana Zelig explores the connection between form and matter by means of a system that transforms two-dimensional objects into three-dimensional structures. A hybrid cotton fabric printed with various patterns, which are composed of heat-sensitive polymers, is immersed in a container of water whose temperature is controlled. A change in temperature causes the fabric to shrink and become distorted into a three-dimensional form. Zelig chose to document the change in the fabric and the resulting geometric forms in a short film featuring 11 different models, which offer a new way of observing, designing, and controlling a soft fabric.

This project was developed as part of a collaboration between Dana Zelig and
Prof. Eran Sharon at the Racah Institute of Physics,Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Dana Zelig, Lilies, 2017 | Photo: Shay ben Efraim 

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