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Contemporary Design
Noa Raviv | Half the Truth Is Often a Whole Lie I 2018


Half the Truth Is Often a Whole Lie

Noa Raviv
Israel, 2017

Reflective acrylic sheet, nylon strings 

Uncanny, 2018

Object Number


Noa Raviv, an Israeli designer based in New York, works in the space between the fields of art, fashion, and technology. Raviv explores the tension between harmony and chaos - an aesthetic based on mistakes and distortions. Building on both tradition and innovation, her work is influenced by the dichotomy between manual production and innovative technologies such as 3-D printing and laser cutting. Raviv seeks to transform imperfect, unexpected,
and rejected elements into poetic objects. Different shapes cut out ofa reflective acrylic sheet acting as a two-way mirror hover in midair, creating an illusory vision that is composed of body parts and fragments of space.

Noa Raviv, Half the Truth Is Often a Whole Lie, 2018 | Photo: Shay ben Efraim 

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