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Contemporary Design
Itay Yaacov | Bottle Blonde | 2015


Bottle Blonde

Itay Yaacov
Israel, 2015

PLA, Swarovski stones, synthetic hair extension

Uncanny, 2018

Object Number

The term "bottle blonde" is used to describe artificially blonde tresses, which may only partially conceal the hair's natural dark roots. This term is central to the work created by Itay Yaacov, who frequently explores the relationship between body image and beauty and between social and cultural representations. The blonde hair extensions are not glued to the golden objects, but rather grow out of them like seemingly natural hair follicles. In contrast to extensions, which are integrated into the natural hair, these objects underscore their artificial nature.

Photographer and art director: Marc Oren | Female model: Fatima Fay Jakite, Mars Personal Management | Male model: Giacomo Sanzani

This project was a developed in the course "Creative Research," as part of the Master's degree in design at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, and was supervised by Maya Ben David and Johnathan Hopp.

Itay Yaacov, Bottle Blonde, 2015 | Photo: Shay Ben Efraim

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