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Design Week Holon 2014

A variety of events and exhibitions for all the family in the City of Holon during Passover Week: April 16-19, 2014

Design Week Holon is an annual event that is being held this year for the fourth time as part of the vision of the City of Holon to be a national center for design and an international arena for design innovation. As in previous years, Design Week Holon focuses on exposure of and giving expression to design and designers in Israel.

A central feature of Design Week Holon is a new and original exhibition at Design Museum Holon, Playing at Design Museum Holon. Design exhibitions will be held in the city's galleries, and around the city itself, at HIT, at the Israeli Center for Digital Art, at Holon Mall, and in Holon Industrial Zone - the new Azrieli Mall and at Pitaro. Design activities for the general public will be held in the Holon Mediatheque complex. 

Playing at Design Museum Holon

Realms of imagination for children created by illustrators, designers, and architects in the field of contemporary illustration and the world of playgrounds. The exhibition seeks to present the ways in which young artists enable us to spread our wings and soar to the realms of imagination - to lands of unlimited possibilities, whether by reading an illustrated book or sitting on a swing in the playground. This journey is made possible when it is meticulously designed by planners, designers, illustrators, and architects who focus on childhood and playfulness as uncompromising values. (click here for more information)

Guest curators:

Galina Arbeli - Vanishing Playgrounds
Yuval Sa'ar - The Image of the Child in Contemporary Children's Book Illustrations

New Design Exhibitions in Galleries in Holon

Platform | HaMishkan Gallery, Beit Meirov
Platform is shoe designer Oded Arama's debut exhibition in which he will be showing his Summer 2014 Collection and the work processes entailed in creating it. The exhibition will also present artistic collaborations between Arama and leading designers, including Dina Shenhav, winner of the Ministry of Culture Award for 2014, and artist Ronen Raz.
Curator: Dr. Guy Morag-Tzepelewitz.

The Golden Era | HaChava Gallery
The Golden Era delves into the childhood experience of each and every one of us, examining how nostalgia paints our childhood memories in gold, and coats sounds and voices from other worlds with a sparkling sheen. The works in the exhibition, products of a unique collaboration between artists Samy D and Ronen Shaharabani, play on the seamline between memory and reality, and create an encounter that challenges the myth of golden childhoods. Curator: Shiri Shotz-Haklai.

Billboard Humor | Dov Hoz Blvd.
Street Exhibition: Billboard Humor is an exhibition presenting a wide variety of posters and billboards which before the advent of electronic media served as a primary tool for conveying messages from political, economic, and cultural bodies. 
Curator: Yoram E. Shamir

Pax Israeliana | Vitrina Gallery
Pax Israeliana is an exhibition in which curators Assaf Cohen and Johanna Asseraf in collaboration w
ith Zvi Elhyani (Israel Architecture Archive) will be showing a collection of modernist Israeli artworks from the establishment of the state to 1977 which present the mindset and outlook of the time: minimalist, concise, and socialistic, in an attempt to find the commonalities between the fields of expression of the modernist artistic creators who worked in Israel.

Epigrams | Hankin Gallery
Epigrams is an exhibition in which textile and photography designer Dalia Barki, who also lectures in the Department of Textile Design at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, will present artworks that combine techniques of textile decorating and dyeing, and photography and digital printing on fabric and paper.

Special projects through Holon:

Design Hits the Streets:
Mini-exhibitions from HIT - Holon Institute of Technology, in Holon's urban space and at Holon Mall, Viruses in the Complex: Underground disturbances in the Mediatheque Complex and In the Middle: Department of Industrial Design Exhibitions in Jaffa Port. (click for more information)

Office furniture design company Pitaro launches Executive Toy, an interactive installation presenting surprising and creative products from the world of contemporary office furniture through activity and play with a flavor of childhood

Piece of Mind
A new exhibition by art director Ronny Chokron and photographer Ido Wolfman, owners of the House of Nona – an Israeli fashion house with emphasis on the avant-garde. The exhibition will present fashionable headwear made from a variety of materials, including metal, paper, and plastic, inspired by drag queen Nona Chalant. Photographs of Nona modeling the various accessories will be presented alongside the exhibits.

The Renaissance of Men’s Style
Spring/Summer 2014 Collection by Fashion Designer Maoz Dahan. In this exhibition, fashion designer Maoz Dahan, owner of the Nouveau Riche Dog label, will be presenting his Spring/Summer 2014 Collection. An original menswear collection comprising a range of elegant, modern, all-black garments, using a variety of different textile materials to produce deep layers and innovative interpretations for the classic color. The inspiration for the collection comes from the seamline between Gothic and Renaissance. 

Israeli Designers' Fair

Dalia Barkey | Holon Design Week 2014
Dalia Barki, Epigrams exhibition


Free Admission

During Passover week admission to the exhibition at the Museum will be free, sponsored by Bank Hapoalim as part of its "Poalim for Culture, Beauty, and Nature in Israel" venture.

Austria-Israel Design Forum, April 22-24, 2014

A delegation of Austrian designers and manufacturers from various design fields to hold encounters with Israeli designers and industry.

The international segment of Design Week Holon is geared to the professional community in Israel, and will be held immediately after Passover, April 22-24, 2014. A delegation of some fifteen Austrian designers and manufacturers from various design fields will be attending Design Week Holon and holding professional encounters, discussion panels, and lectures with and for Israeli designers. This is the third year that Design Museum Holon is providing Israeli designers with an opportunity to hold personal meetings with leading figures in the design scene of another country, and this year the focus is on the Austrian design and industry world. The guests will meet with different designers according to fields of interest, and will tour Holon Industrial Zone, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem. The delegation's visit is being held in conjunction with the Economic Department at the Austrian Embassy in Tel Aviv.

Click here for more information >>


Design Hits the Streets

Design Hits the Streets is a unique Holon Institute of Technology project to mark Design Week Holon Students from the Faculty of Design will be presenting mini-exhibitions in the urban space of the City of Holon: Holon Mall, businesses in Sokolov Street and Shenkar Street, in the Mediatheque complex, and other locations.

For example, Rocking Horses will be suspended above visitors' heads in Holon Mall to create an atmosphere of an amusement park carousel. The semi-final of A Reality Show for Chairs will also be presented in Holon Mall in which five old chairs which have undergone different manipulations will be on show. A ballot box will be situated near the chairs and the public will be invited to vote and have its say on the winner. For four days Weizmann Square and the Design Museum forecourt will be transformed into a space for newly designed childhood street games. Hopscotch, five sticks, checkers, tag, Johnny rides a pony, marbles, and many more games from the past will become appealing in the present using graphic and three-dimensional means. Pop-Up Library is a traveling exhibition of children's books associated with bicycles featuring illustrations by HIT students, and will be held in the city's streets and Story Parks. When the library arrives at its destination it opens up into several spread out ‘arms' that enable the public to read in the middle of the street. Toys for Animals, a mini-exhibition that will be held in two stores on Shenkin Street, will show innovative designs of products for animals that have been developed for use around the house, and toys for outdoor play. In Animation Past and Present at the Holon Mediatheque Library, a number of animation films produced by the Department of Visual Communications Design at HIT will be screened alongside animation flip-books that users rapidly flip through to discover how animation films were made in the past. HIT students will also be presenting Viruses in the Complex, ‘underground' participation in the spaces at the Design Museum and the Mediatheque complex. For example, a side railing that is transformed into a donation collecting device for a non-profit organization, or a stand for making and launching paper airplanes. As in previous years, the Department of Industrial Design will be holding its In the Middle exhibition which, as its name indicates, takes place in the middle of the academic year and presents a cross-section of the department's activities. The exhibition includes some 200 projects from the past year which the students designed and built in a wide variety of courses and collaborations with commercial companies and social and community organizations. The exhibition will be held in Jaffa Port.

Executive Toy by Pitaro
In Holon Industrial Zone, office furniture design company Pitaro is joining the festivities of Design Week Holon, launching an interactive installation called Executive Toy. Today executive toys are no longer small, stylish toys that are placed on the CEO's desk. They are all over the work environment, which has become a playground of ideas and innovations. In Pitaro's exhibition spaces visitors will be able to discover and experience surprising and creative products from the world of contemporary office furniture through activity and play with a flavor of childhood

During Design Week Holon a young Israeli designers' fair will be held in the Mediatheque complex in which designers from different design fields will be participating.


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