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Thursday | 2.3.17 | 9:30-12:15

Aharon Feiner Eden Materials Library (Golda Meir 6, Holon)

Aharon Feiner Eden Materials Library, Design Museum Holon With the support and initiative of The Italian Cultural Institute of Tel Aviv and The Italian Embassy in Israel, and the participation of Tollman's and iota.

Celebrating the 1st International Italian Design Day and the opening of 'Make it work!' week for students in the Materials Library.

Materials and technologies can form the basis for a meaningful action in the design world. Research of the relationship between material, form and narrative often creates a unique design language that reveals the personal identity of the designer, brand or culture from which they come from. Creating new objects alone is not enough, in order to continue on the professional path, the designer often connects to the worlds of branding, business plans and partnerships leading to long lasting and rich activity in the world of design. Each designer, brand or company create their professional path in a different way, corresponding to the needs and the unique nature of the creators and audience to which they deliberate.

Aharon Feiner Eden Materials Library, Design Museum Holon in collaboration and support of the Italian Cultural Institute of Tel Aviv and The Italian Embassy in Israel, invite you to a festive gathering about design through materials, technology and narrative and the correlations with branding and business initiatives. 

The gathering will include the participation and lecture from of the ambassador of Italian design Chiara Onida art director at Salviati Glass, Venice, Shuki Schwartz owner and CEO of Tollman's, and Tal Zur CEO and creative director of iota. 

This event is a part of the celebrations of the first International Italian Design Day that will be celebrated in 100 major cities around the world, one of them is Holon, and will discuss the relationship between culture, design language, and the connection into various professional practices. From working independently, to constructing and delivering commercial brands, leading the creation of design projects that combine innovative collaborations and social action. 

We Welcome students, professionals and design enthusiasts, and is the opening event of the 'Make it work!' week, a special professional week for students taking place for the first time in the Aaron Finer Eden Materials Library.

Chiara Onida, Operae, 2015



9:30-10:00 - Gathering + coffee (Material Library Auditorium) 

10:00-10:15 - Greetings by Francesco Maria Talo, Ambassador of Italy in Israel

10:15-11:45 - Professional lectures:

Shuki Schwartz, owner and CEO of Tollman's.

Tal Zur, CEO and creative director of iota.

Chiara Onida, ambassador of Italian design, art director at Salviati Glass, Venice. 

11:45-12:15 - B2B and a visit in the Materials Library.  


Participation is free of charge, registration is required:

For online registration, click here>>> 

Box office: 03-5021552

Chiara Onida, The Domestic Soundscape

Initiated and supported by:

With the participation of:


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