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Kids & Family
Family Weekend | Black Box

Saturday | 11:00 For parents and children aged 7-12 

A design experience for families, which includes an active tour of the exhibition and design workshop.

Active Tour of the Exhibition | Led by Museum Guides

Become "design detectives" on a tour of the exhibition. Through short, fun assignments, participants will be exposed to the world of design, through stories of objects found all around us. What is the Design Museum collection? Who is the first designed object? How did objects become such active partners in our daily lives? And what is a “black box”? Let’s go on a search and discover answers to these questions and more…

Mechani-Kit | Design Workshops for Parents and Children

A design workshop for parents and children, in which participants will design a product from a collection of materials and parts, with multiple assembly options. Each participant receives a “Mechani-Kit” with basic parts and several different shapes to create something unique and useful for a cellphone.

All Family Saturday activities are tailored for parents and children ages 7-12

Register at the Museum box office: 1800-20-29-30

*Due to the Coronavirus, we ask all visitors to act responsibly and follow the instructions issued by the Ministry of Health: Masks must be worn at all times. Maintain a distance of 2 meters between people, and watch your hygiene.

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Mechani-Kit workshop

The exhibition "Black Box." photo: Elad Sarig

Activities for parents and children
Ethno-Archaeology - On Object-Man Relationships
Dr. Victor Frostig
On Object-Man Relationships. How do archaeologists "read" objects? How do designers "write" objects? People design objects, but do objects design people as well?
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Letters - Type(face)s with Character
Yael Segal Hermoni
The way a font is designed holds special importance in the Hebrew language. By its very nature the Hebrew letter is not easy to read, there are but few differences between the lett
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Wheels and mirrors: automata and robots as metaphysical machines
Patrick J. Gyger
What is it with the automata these days? Those relics of a technological era we left behind more than a hundred years ago, aren't they obsolete?
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