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Black Box
An Exhibition from the Museum Collection
December 22 -   April 10, 2021

Imagine the museum collection as an entity with numerous arms, which repeatedly attempt to wiggle out beyond the doors, walls, and multitudes of objects swallowed into it. It is enclosed within various spaces, and devotedly cared for by the museum staff – which ensures that it will not suffer from excessive humidity, dryness, light, insects or other harmful intrusions. Most of the objects were not created especially for museum collections. They were designed to be used, to interact with one another and with us human beings. Within the museum, however, few are the objects that enjoy moments of grace, during which they are temporarily put on display. There, they will be flooded by the museum’s non-UV lights, and met by the visitors’ gazes. Perhaps they will even be momentarily caressed by an unruly visitor, who will leave a mark on them. Shortly after, they will return to the dark recesses of the collection space.

The exhibition Black Box is an opportunity for us to expose the museum’s entrails. The removal of the collection from its dark storage space and its presentation to the public allows for a discussion of a somewhat invisible aspect of the design world – the nature of the relations between objects and people. We invite you to try and observe these relations in a new and sober manner; to attempt to abandon our definitions of object and person, self and other – turning instead to openly explore role changes and multiples points of view.


Exhibition Design:
Rona Zinger

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