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High schools
Family visit at the museum
01 January 2010 -  17 July 2010

Design Museum Holon
Viewing an Exhibition

Every age group will find different sources of interest at the Museum. Children of 10 years and above will be easily engaged. For families with younger children (particularly ages 3 through 6), we recommend accompanying and guiding the children through their visit.

Younger children typically will observe the exhibited works keenly, taking in their form and color. While viewing the exhibit with them, grown-ups may pose questions to help mediate their experience and provoke their natural curiosity. For instance: What do you think this object resembles? Which of the objects do you find most beautiful? Which do you like and which do you dislike? Why? What do you think this object does?

Before visiting the Museum with older children we suggest touring this website together. here, you can read about the Museum, and look at pictures of the building and of particular exhibited works.

You may also want to look up the word "design" in a dictionary and consider together its meaning for you and the ways in which it impacts on your daily lives.
To explore the child's expectations about the upcoming visit you may even choose to draw up a list of questions or interesting points to consider while viewing the exhibition. For example:
What are the proportions of the museum building relative to those of the person who visits it?
How does the building look from the outside, and how does look once you enter it?
What are the five bands of color that surround the building made of?
What kinds of objects can you find in a design museum?
What was the designer's goal in designing this or that object?

Children can be encouraged to further explore on their own terms the function, materials and technologies of products in which they show an interest. Regarding some of the exhibited items whose image is posted on the Museum website you will find additional information online.

Preparing for a visit to the Museum with children

Before your visit to the Museum it is often helpful to explain to kids what a museum is and to talk about Museum rules and codes of behavior.
To ensure a fun, successful visit, here are some of our suggestions:

  - Checkroom: Take a load off and use the checkroom to store all unnecessary bags and luggage
     during your visit.
  - Safety: Take care of your own safety, children should stay close to their accompanying adults
     and avoid running in the galleries and particularly on the stairs and in the outer ramp that leads
     to the top gallery.
  - Consideration: Be considerate of others and turn off your cell phone. This will make the visit
     more pleasant for yourself as well for the other visitors.
  - Food and Drinks: Have a snack or meal before or after your visit, as food and drinks are not
     permitted inside the Museum and gallery spaces. they are, however, permitted in the outdoor
     plaza and in the Museum cafeteria.
  - Exploring: Explore the exhibition with your eyes, not your hands. Keep the exhibited items in
     good tact for the benefit of future visitors.
  - Documenting: Document your visit. Taking pictures is permitted in the current exhibit at Design
     Museum Holon. Many kids enjoy photographing the exhibited objects.
  - Guidance: Use the electronic guides distributed at the entrance to the museum, they're free.
     These audio-visual guides offer information (in Hebrew and English) about the building and various
     exhibits, incorporating images and short clips that greatly enhance the visitor's experience.

For Adolf Loos With Love and Squalor
Naomi Aviv, Curator, Colonnade House Project, 1996
From your first encounter with Hironen's furniture, you stop thinking about furniture. You begin to think about strange libidinal creatures, that compel you into awe.
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Textile Tsunami | Milan 2011
Shira Shoval | Materials Library
"We are about to witness a full-on textile tsunami", predicted trend oracle Li Edelkoort in a lecture she gave at Design Museum Holon during her visit to Israel in January 2010.
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International award for the design of the signage at the museum
Graphic designer Adi Stern has been awarded the Tokyo Type Directors Club Award for his design of the signage at Design Museum Holon.
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