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Elementary schools
Visiting Design Museum Holon
01 January 2010 -  08 September 2010

Design Museum Holon
Visiting Design Museum Holon

Design Museum Holon is pleased to open its doors to visitors. We invite you to view and actively participate in our changing exhibitions, and to partake in the special workshops the Museum offers.
During your guided visit to the Museum you will first be given a tour of the unconventional building itself and learn about the architectural considerations involved in its planning and design, about the materials and technologies used to construct it, and about its unique features. You will then tour the Museum's current exhibition. Through the themes it raises we will discuss the meaning of the term "design" and various related questions, such as: What is an industrial product? What is the difference between design, art, and handcraft? Through the exhibited objects we will explore contemporary designs, both Israeli and international, considering such questions as, What materials are they made of? Which technologies were used to make them? What is the role of the designer and what motivates him or her throughout the design process?

Group Tours

Group visits - a guided tour

Our experienced staff of guides is available to provide guided Museum tours, including both the temporary exhibits and the unconventional building. The guides encourage dialogue and a free exchange of ideas relating to the topic of a given exhibit and more generally to the field of design. The nature and content of the guided tours can be adapted to fit the needs of different groups (adults, students, kids, etc.).

Groups of over 30 visitors receive a discount, and will be divided into smaller groups, each with its own guide.

Group visits - independent tours

Design Museum Holon welcomes groups that wish to explore the exhibitions on their own.
Group visits of more than six individuals need to be coordinated two weeks in advance.
Admission rates are detailed on our Visitor Information page.
Please note that groups that provide their own guide must coordinate their visit in advance.


The offices of the Museum's Education Department are open Sunday-Thursday from 9am-5pm.
Calls can be placed to:
Amnon Silber, head of the Education Department, at 073-2151504, 
or Noa Kress, Training & Instruction Manager, at 073-2151512.
The Department can also be contact at education@dmg.org.il

  - Guided tours of the Museum are offered on Mondays and Thursdays starting at 10am and in
     accordance with the hours of operation of the Museum.
     Tours last between one and two hours, depending on the type of tour and group.

  - Guided tours for schoolchildren and students in the fields of design, art, and architecture are
     offered between 10am and 4pm.


Important Things to Keep in Mind

Guided tours of the Museum need to be coordinated at least 14 work-days in advance.
Participants should arrive at the museum at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start of guided tours or other Museum activities, and store their bags in the Museum checkroom.
Tours include the exhibition as well as a short architectural tour of the Museum building.
High-school and higher education students, as well as various professional groups, may also book activities that include a guided tour of the Museum and the Museum's library of materials.
Before the visit, a guided tour request form will be sent to the school along with information about the Museum and about the particular activities planned for that group.

To book activities contact the Sales Department:
Tel: 03-5021551 or sales@dmh.org.il
and be sure to provide your own contact information.

For more information about the Museum visit the Visitor Information and FAQ pages of our website.

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