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09 August 2010 -  08 September 2010

Design Museum Holon is pleased to open its doors to educators and students. We invite you to view and actively participate in our changing exhibitions, and to partake in the special workshops the Museum offers. The Museum will introduce the students to various aspects of the world of international design with the aim of demonstrating in practice the principles and theoretical topics related to this field, thereby contributing to a better, more assimilated understanding of the design process and related domains.

During your guided visit to the Museum you will first be given a tour of the unconventional building itself, and learn about the architectural considerations involved in its planning and design, about the materials and technologies used to construct it, and about its unique features.
You will then tour the Museum's current exhibition. Through the themes it raises we will discuss the meaning of the term "design" and various related questions, such as: What is an industrial product? What is the difference between design, art, and handcraft? Through the exhibited objects we will explore contemporary designs, both Israeli and international, considering such questions as, What materials are they made of? Which technologies were used to make them? What is the role of the designer and what motivates him or her throughout the design process?

A visit to Design Museum Holon affords students a direct encounter with the many aspects of the world of design.
The tour of the Museum's various exhibits provokes curiosity and encourages thought about the life-cycle of products, starting with the definition of a particular human need, through the choice of materials and technology, all the way to the production of an end-product.
With advance coordination, Museum tours can be adapted to focus on a particular topic that appears in the standard curriculum of technology and design study programs.
Such activities will be preceded by in-class preparation by the teacher and by the planning of a tour uniquely tailored to the group, in consultation with the school's teaching staff.
A visit to Design Museum Holon will expose students of design, art, and architecture to contemporary international design, enabling them to gain a more intimate knowledge of the conceptual, emotional, and experiential activity involved in the design process.

Tours of the Museum include a tour of the building and of the temporary exhibition, where students will analyze selected objects from the exhibit in terms of their financial, cultural, and technological aspects.
The encounter offers an opportunity to introduce them to trends and currents in the world of contemporary design and to enhance their understanding of the design process as a human activity, of the language of design, and of the role of the designer.
Activities adapted particularly to the needs of students of one course of study or another, as well as tours that include the Museum's library of materials, can also be coordinated in advance.

For details please contact the Museum's Education Department:
Tel: 073-2151512/04  
Or email: education@dmh.org.il, to the attention of Amnon Zilber / Noa Kress.

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