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The greater part of the world that surrounds us is designed. Our slippers, furniture, tools, cell phones, televisions and computers, clothes, as well as the structures they reside in, the street furniture, the cars, and even the spacecrafts and communications satellites. Do we remember that behind every handle and every switch there is a long process of development, design, technological adaptation, and production?

The field of man-made design is a fascinating point of convergence for different worlds and different systems whose fusion constantly gives birth to new objects and products designed to serve and benefit people. A single such product may express at once commercial interests, social circumstances, cultural and historical influences, technological developments, industrial production capabilities, political considerations, aesthetic traditions, ergonomic constraints, and of course creativity and personality.

In keeping with the Museum's vision of serving as a leading hub for innovation in the field of design, the programming in the Museum's Education Department will encourage the exploration and presentation of new ideas and products in both the Israeli and the international design arena.

The Education Department functions as a link between the Museum's exhibitions and its visitors. The Education Department at Design Museum Holon specializes in the development of content products and advanced teaching methods, while also maintaining open, quality communication with the public. This is achieved by making use of some of the most advanced interactive tools available, and nurturing a team of highly educated and trained guides. This combination of the human element with the technological element is designed to enable a high-quality visitor experience while also transmitting various kinds of information in the most suitable and advanced ways. Our hope is that this will allow those who visit the Museum and partake in its activities to understand how design is created, and, through this understanding, to explore and interpret the complex, multi-system environment that breeds the design. By initiating and hosting conferences, seminars, and workshops we believe that we can further a deeper and broader familiarity with the various aspects of the world of design, thereby enabling a more accurate and genuine understanding of culture and the world we live in.

We aim to guide our visitors and those who participate in our programming toward a more trained use and grasp of the language of contemporary design and of the thought process that drives this practice. Our goal is to expand their personal tool kit by introducing values that pertain to the solution of fundamental problems, to understanding basic choice processes relating to aesthetic values, to the educated use of technology, and to internalizing the life-cycle of products alongside the need to preserve and protect the environment.

Attentive to the burning issues that preoccupy the Western world today, we have undertaken to promote the subject of sustainability in design and industry, and more generally to enhance awareness to environmental matters.

Through the museum's library of materials, which affords visitors the chance to engage all five senses and experiment with actual materials, products and production technologies, and through the direct link to the local and international industry, we will find ways to develop curiosity, to sharpen the observation, and to deepen the research and conceptual exploration while also encouraging a positive-dynamic creativity in the field of design in particular and in the life of the community and broader environment more generally.

The Design Museum initiates and invites collaborations with various institutions, such as the education departments of art, design, and science museums in Israel and abroad, as well as various centers of industry and administration. The museum also nurtures an ongoing relationship with the diverse local community in the city of Holon, as with other communities across Israel.
Kids & Family
Free Activity | State of Extreme
How do we see the world? What has changed over the past decade? Young visitors are invited to create and design a two-dimensional map of the world, which becomes a three-dimensional polygonal globe that reflects the world through their eyes.
Kids & Family
Family Weekend | Hide & Seek - Maarten Baas
A design experience for all the family on one ticket that includes an Active Family Tour of the exhibition and a Design Workshop at a special price
Kids & Family
Family Weekend | Sagmeister & Walsh: A Retrospective
A design experience for all the family on one ticket that includes an Active Family Tour of the exhibition and a Design Workshop at a special price
Tal Amit
Ron Arad opens his lecture at Holon Fashion Week 2011 with a smile and a joke. Then he begins relating the story of his pq eyewear project, from the very first email.
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A New Materialistic Order
Gili Yuval
Gili Yuval ponders what esteemed Chinese artist Ai Weiwei's exhibition, currently showing in London, and last year's ‘Free Wheel' exhibition at the Museum, have in common.
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From Object to the Private Domain in the Museal Space
Studying Interior Design at the Museum
The Design Lab is hosting the Second-year Design Studio from the Department of Interior Design, headed by architect Dr. Shoshi Bar-Eli and designer Ronit Dahbash.
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