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Saturday at the museum
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Maria Kong at Design Museum Holon
The desire to connect with the many and diverse aspects of art, and for direct contact with the audience, led the Maria Kong Dancers Company and Holon Mediatheque to join forces. Maria Kong comes to the Museum every two weeks, selects an anchor point, and embarks on an experiential-artistic journey. Each visit is a whole world for dancers and visitors alike.
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Moving in Yamamoto
Maria Kong dancers will arive to the Museum, select an anchor point, and become part of the exhibition. The dancers and visitors to the Yohji Yamamoto exhibition will embark on a joint experiential-artistic journey of movement.
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Objects as Literary Heroes
A literary journey in New Olds with the museum's editor-in-chief Maya Dvash affords a look at the objects being showcased in the exhibition through stories, legends, myths, and symbols.
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One Kg Design | Graduates 2012
Maya Dvash
The projects in the Industrial Design at Shenkar College graduate exhibition, engaged in completely different subjects.
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Two Sugar, Please
Design Museum Holon Staff
Stav Axenfeld, a graduate of the Holon Institute of Technology, is exhibiting at Designboom Mart
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In Praise of Escapism | Graduates 2014
Tal Amit
The fashion show held by the Department of Fashion Design at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design was not only inspiring, but also well tailored.
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