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Holon Fashion Week

Fashion Week Holon

This October, the Holon Municipality and Design Museum Holon will host the Holon Fashion Week. This is the third year in which the city of Holon initiates an international fashion event, which has become popular alongside the Design Museum Holon's reputation in the international community. True to the museum's vision, the Holon Fashion Week sets its goal to create bridges and connections between the Israeli fashion and design community and the international fashion world.

This year, the annual international event held at the Mediatheque, has been extended to a week of activities, which will include projects by high profile personas of the Israeli fashion industry, a unique fashion party, a week of Israeli debut of international fashion films at the Holon Cinematheque, in which several of the leading global fashion industry personas, guests of the museum, will participate, lecture about their work and host master classes. In addition, they will participate in various panels together with Israeli fashion personas.

The pick of the Holon Fashion Week will be a series of events held on 25-27 October at the Design Museum and Mediatheque Center and the screening of a film program throughout the week (24-27 of October) by the Holon Cinematheque..

Among the guests:

Zac Posen
- a fashion designer, who is considered to be the wonder child of the fashion world, having established a company and finding his way to the heart of the fashion world at the early age of 21. Posen has already won most of the possible awards in the American fashion industry and is considered the favorite designer of Hollywood and high-society women in the United States.

Stephanie LaCava - is a writer based between New York and Paris. LaCava has written for various publications including US Vogue and New York magazine as well as online for The Daily Beast, The Paris Review, Vanity Fair and SHOWstudio.

Imran Amed - founder and head editor of the Business of Fashion website, which includes articles about the fashion industry from around the world, reports about prominent trends of the digital revolution and its effect on brands and consumers, and sections about the different aspects of current-age fashion. Amed is also a senior consultant for some of the most prominent fashion labels in the digital media and business development fields.

Ron Arad - internationally acclaimed designer and architect and the planner of the Design Museum Holon building, for which he has won many awards. In the Holon Fashion Week, Arad will unveil his new line of innovative eyewear, which he designed.

Marc Worth - one of the most prominent and influential entrepreneurs in the link between fashion and digital media, founder of the WGSN website, and the owner of the leading design and trends website, Stylus.

Amber Anderson - actress in the film Lotus Eaters, an international runway model, who was recently chosen as the face of the luxurious fashion and cosmetics label, Kenzo.

Alexandra McGuinness - one of London's leading stylists, the director of Lotus Eaters, a film which has won many praises at the last Tribeca Film Festival and portrays the excessive and lavish lifestyle of young London models.

Other events in the Holon Fashion Week:

- The Textile and Fashion Industry Convention - including leaders of the Israeli fashion industry and international guests.
- In the opening events - A Fashion Parade: A modern homage to decades of Israeli fashion led by artist Liz Hajaj and fashion designer Yonatan Zohar.
- Inspiration room: fashion designer and artist Liora Taragan will copy her studio to a space within the museum and will create an inspiration room and a workshop, in which the audience will be able to participate.
- Live studio: two fashion productions of leading stylists will take place in the museum during the convention and will be broadcasted live on the convention's website.

A week of fashion film debuts at the Holon Cinematheque:

Lotus Eaters - Alexandra McGuinness' debut film, which has won many praises at the last Tribeca Film Festival and reveals the lives of young London models, featuring Amber Anderson, an international runway model and the face of Kenzo. There will be a festive screening of the film with the director and the actress.

Fashion in Film - a program of the Central Saint Martin's College, London, which illuminates the special elements of fashion in film history. The program's curator, Inga Fraser, will participate.

Vidal Sassoon - The Movie - a new documentary about one of the world's most influential hair stylists, his relations with Israel and Judaism and the influences of design and architecture on his work.

The Tents - a new documentary about the New York Fashion Week and one of its more famous locations, which is erected annually, the huge tent in Bryant Park.

My Little Princes - one of the most talked-about films in the fashion world since the last Cannes Festival. An autobiographical narrative film about a girl growing up in the shadow of her mother, who is one of the most important fashion photographers of 1970's Paris; staring Isabelle Huppert.

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Lotus Eaters
Gina Bramhill (vintage playsuit with Alaiia belt) photo by Mihaal Danziger

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