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Digital Design Sensations
November 18 -   March 10, 2012

Digitally growing flowers and a mirror where falling snowflakes make a portrait of the viewer are among the digital works that feature in Decode: Digital Design Sensations.

Curated by Louise Shannon, Deputy Head of Contemporary Programmes, V&A and Shane Walter, Director of digital arts organisation onedotzero, the exhibition shows the latest developments in digital and interactive design, from small screen based graphics to large-scale installations. There are works by established international artists and designers including Daniel Brown and Daniel Rozin as well as by some of the most exciting, younger designers such as Troika and Simon Heijdens. The exhibition has been expanded to include works by Israeli artists and designers.

The exhibition explores three themes. Code presents pieces that use computer code to create new designs in the same way a sculptor works with materials such as clay or wood. The second theme, Interactivity, looks at designs that are directly influenced by the viewer. The final theme, Network, focuses on works that comment on and utilise the digital traces left behind by everyday communications, from blogs in social media communities to mobile communications or satellite tracked GPS systems. (for more information about the themes click here)

Aaron Koblin | Designer Daan Roosegaarde | Designer Daniel Brown | Designer Marius Watz | Designer Rafael Lozano-Hemmer | Designer - Artist Jonathan Harris & Sep Kamvar | Designers
WOW | Design Studio Ross Phillips | Designer Mahmet Akten | Designer Mahmet Akten | Designer Sennep & YOKE | Design Studio Everyware | Designers
LIA | Designer Matt Pyke - Universl Everything | Designer C.E.B Reas | Designer Daniel Rozin | Designer Julius Popp | Designer Joao Wilbert for FABRICA | Design
Ryoji Ikeda | Designer Joshua Davis | Designer Karsten Schmidt | Designer Sascha Pohflepp & Karsten Schmidt | Designers Troika | Design Studio Simon Heijdens | Designer
James Frost | Designer Flight 404 | Design Studio Mushon Zer Aviv | Designer Amnon Dekel & David Opp | Designers The Interaction Lab, HIT John Maeda | Designer

From the exhibition at the V&A:

Decode: Digital Design Sensations from onedotzero on Vimeo

 V&A museum   onedotzero Decode exhibition   
      British Council 

Louise Shannon - Deputy Head of Contemporary Programmes, V&A, London
Shane Walter - Director of digital arts organisation onedotzero.


For more information click on the designer's name
Aaron Koblin
C.E.B. Reas
Daniel Rozin
Julius Popp
Fabrica (Joao Henrique Wilbert)
Feng Mengbo
Daan Roosegaarde
Daniel Brown
Ryoji Ikeda
Ross Phillips
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
John Maeda
Jonathan Harris & Sep Kamvar
Joshua Davis
Karsten Schmidt
Sascha Pohflepp
Mehmet Akten
Flight 404
Sennep / YOKE

Simon Heijdens

Marius Watz
James Frost
Mushon Zer-Aviv
Amnon Dekel & David Opp
The Interaction Lab, HIT

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photo: Shay ben Efraim
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