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Designers Plus Ten
42 Israeli Designers
April 08 -   May 19, 2012

Design Week Holon is a Holon Municipality initiative and part of the city's broad vision to make design part of everyday life in Israel while upholding professional standards of quality in education, planning, and implementation.

Design Week Holon will give expression to Israeli designers working in Israel with the aim of exposing their work to industry and management professionals, managers of local firms, authorities, and public systems, and of course to the general public.

Design Week Holon comprises several activities throughout the city and aspires to expand to broader activities in the industrial zones as well.

Designers Plus Ten Exhibition at Design Museum Holon

Design Week Holon will focus on designers, their work, and the role they play in everyday life in Israel. The focus of the Designers Plus Ten exhibition will be a personal narrative of the various fields of design in Israel. Each year during Design Week the museum exhibition will provide a platform for a new and different cross-section of designers.

In its first year, 2012, a group of 2000-2002 graduates in the fields of textile design, fashion design, industrial design, accessories design, jewelry design, visual communication, and digital design have been selected. 

42 designers will be presented in the exhibition by means of films, photographs, and two objects - one representing the start of the designer's career, and the other their work during the past year. The text accompanying each designer will describe their work processes, deliberations, and distinctiveness as a creator.

The Design World Comes to Holon
18 directors of design weeks held all over the world will be attending Design Week Holon, and will be coming from Paris, Eindhoven, Berlin, Lodz, Indaba, Sofia, Cape Town, Belgrade, Beijing, Tokyo...
This international team will hold one-on-one meetings with Israeli designers for presentations, and hopefully for work meetings as well. Click here for the complete list of directors.

One week before the opening in Milan, one of the biggest and most important exhibition in the world, the design world is making a stopover in Holon.

  Recanati   הסוכנות לעסקים קטנים ובינוניים, משרד התמ Israel

photo on top: Yael Friedman, One Meter (approx), 2009. photo: Nir Friedman


Leading curator:
Galit Gaon

Associated curators:
Liora Rosin
Nitsan Debbi


Amnon Amos / Sahar Batsry / Shani Bar / Yotam Bezalel / Itamar Burstein / Couple Of (Shelly Satat and Eillon Kombor) / Shiri Cnaani / Itamar Daube / Adital Ela / Merav Flam (Manuella) / Frau Blau (Helena Blaunstein & Philip Blau) / Saar Friedman / Yael Friedman / Studio Goga (Michal Levy Cogan & Merav Ofri Vax) / Izik Goldman / Efrat Gommeh / Asaf Hanuka / Hagai Harduff / Johnathan Hopp / Eli Jacobson / Kobi Levi / Koby Levy / Yaron Loubaton / Dani Meirav / Erez Mulay / Mysh / Noy Naiman / Itay Noy / Luka Or / Michal Oren / OTOTO (Ori Saidi & Daniel Gassner) / Michal Pickel / Nadav Shalev / Eitan Shiloh / Yaron "Jewboy" Shin / Maya Shleifer / Alon Shoavi / Reddish (Naama Steinbock & Idan Friedman) / Yael Rosen Ben-Shahar / Galya Rosenfeld / Doron Zeevi / Mushon Zer-Aviv

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