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Common Roots
Design Map of Central Europe
November 15 -   February 23, 2013

The identity of Central European design is as complex and ambiguous as the identity of the region itself. Over the past century, this part of the world has experienced the rise and fall of radically different political orders, while its borders have been repeatedly redrawn.
In this historical context, design cannot be examined in terms of national categories, but must rather be studied in relation to the identities of individual designers, and to the experiences and cultural affiliations that characterize this region as a whole.

As this exhibition reveals, the individual stories of the participating designers are shaped by remarkable similarities and simultaneous developments. Despite their linguistic and national differences and the geographical distance that separate them from one another, they engage with the same concerns and questions, are inspired by the same sources, and attempt to come to terms with the same past historical events. The network of relationships created between these designers does not overlap with existing political borderlines, but rather represents a new cultural map that will undoubtedly continue to connect the different parts of this region in the coming generations.

Articles from the catalogue:


Introduction / Galit Gaon

Central European Design: A Shared Legacy / Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka

Central Europe: Small Countries with Big Ambitions / Klara Czerniewska


Polish Design, 1945-1989: From Applied Arts to Industrial Design / Anna Frackiewicz

Mapping the Narrative of Romanian Design / Mirela Duculescu

Industrial Design in Slovenia / Špela Šubic

New Ideas: Estonian Design after the Second World War / Kai Lojakas


Tiny New Nordic Country: Post-Independence Design in Estonia / Karin Paulus

Re-Generation: A Design Snapshot of Hungary in 2012 / Eszter Bircsák & Melinda Sipos

Czech Furniture, Accessories, Glass, and Porcelain Design, 1990-2012: From Postmodernism
to Pluralism / Adam Štech


Polish Institute

Romanian Cultural Institute Tel Aviv Recanati Kitchen Budapest, Hungary
Czech Embassy Tel Aviv Estonian Embassy in Tel Aviv Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Tel Aviv
MAO - Museum of Architecture and Design, SloveniaEstonian Museum of Applied Art and Design LASVIT Embassy of Hungary Tel Aviv

This exhibition has been made possible in cooperation with: The Polish Institute, The Romanian Cultural Institute, and with kind support of: Kibu - Kitchen Budapest, Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia, Estonian Embassy in Tel Aviv



Leading guest curator:
Agnieszka Jacobson

Sub curators:
Adam Štěch
Claudia Lazar
Eszter Bircsák
Kai Lobjakas
Klara Czerniewska
Melinda Sipos
Mirela Duculescu
Špela Šubic  
Martin Žampach
Yael Taragan



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The exhibition catalogue

From the catalogue:
Central European Design: A Shared Legacy by Agnieszka Jacobson-CieleckaCentral Europe: Small Countries with Big Ambitions by Klara CzerniewskaPolish Design, 1945-1989: From Applied Arts to Industrial Design by Anna Frackiewicz and more. For the list of articles please see links on your left.

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Common Roots - Design Map of Central Europe
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