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nendo: the space in between
June 07 -   November 19, 2016

Opens: June 7, 2016
Closes: November 19, 2016

The leading Japanese design studio Nendo's first-ever large-scale retrospective exhibition titled "The Space in Between", which will feature both old and new pieces extending from the beginning of his career until today.

The exhibition stretches from the interior to the exterior of the Design Museum Holon's grounds, to provide an overall thought-provoking and immersive experience. A museumfirst, the show will deal with the challenges and the related solutions that Nendo - a studio led by one of the most prominent talents of this generation, Oki Sato - has encountered while interacting with the different typologies of objects and their unexplored areas. "This presentation investigates the only space in which Sato could not intervene, the space in between but on which he actually powerfully does: what is in-between, what is un-design and the carefully calculated operative-area left to light and air. The theme became a narrative expedient to tell the story of his unique career, up to nowadays", comments Maria Cristina Didero.

"This unique exhibition designed by Studio nendo and curated by Maria Cristina Didero is an invitation for visitors to be drawn closer to the essence of contemporary Japanese design - which has a tradition of investigating the space in between; Oki Sato responded impeccably to the curatorial brief and title initiating a thrilling design journey. It has been a while that i wanted to collaborate on a project with Maria Cristina - challenging our discussion of new borders between design creativity in museums and the future of the world of objects that surrounds us. I'm honored and happy that such a team is working together with the museum on the very first retrospective of nendo's work", Galit Gaon, Design Museum Holon Chief Curator.

All the objects by the six categories:

01. between processes
02. between textures
03. between boundaries
04. between the object
05. between relationships
06. between senses

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Maria Cristina Didero


Oki Sato

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Photo: Hiroshi Iwasaki
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