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Time Machines
Original exhibition from Design Museum Holon Collection
November 27 -   April 27, 2019

Carl Honor'e, the author of the book "In Praise of Slow", reveals in his lectures that the average American gets 90 minutes less sleep a night than a century ago. The modern age and the evolving technology enable us to optimize processes, shorten timespans, and to "save time." Thus, in fact, we were supposed to enjoy more free time than ever before. But oddly enough, humans in recent centuries sense that with the increasing pace, time is passing faster and faster.

Time is an elusive "material," another dimension that cannot be bent, distorted or even slightly modified. However, designers cannot help but to use it in their work. The dimension of time is present in the processes of development, production, and biodegradation of the items, and thus its marks and fingerprints remain in the final product.

Products and designed objects, are seen by us as static. However, The vibrations of matter, interaction between man and machine, and even gestures and movements of the objects themselves are occurrences in the dimension of time, the fourth dimension. Digital products collect data over time that allows them to change, evolve, react effectively and "save" us a little more time so we can keep running around the clock.

The "Time Machines" exhibition in the Design Laboratory displays 25 works by Israeli designers who deal with time, examine the dimension of time and use it as material or as a co-creator. Ten of these works are new works created especially for the exhibition in the Museum.
As part of the exhibition, a new interactive work will be displayed, created by the pair of designers Ronen Tanchum and Tal Baltuch with the support of the brand Schweppes.

Orlogin, 2012, Ben Broyde, Photo: Ben Broyde 



Rona Zinger 
Noga Shimshon 


Talila Abraham, Eilon Armon, Tal Baltuch and Ronen Tanchum, Tal Batit, Dana Benshalom, Born from Rock (Gili Barnea and Nira Shlimovich), Ben Broyde, Chanan de Lange, Tamara Efrat and Michal Shaham, Tal Gur and Sarit Youdelevich, Einat Leader, Maayan Levitzky, Magenta Workshop, Lou Moria and Liora Rosin, Itay Noy, Haim Parnas, Liron Peretz, Omer Polak, Elionr Portnoy, Producks Design Studio (Avinoam Yoav, Gil Sheffi), Reddish (Idan Friedman and Naama Steinbock), Mai Reznik, Hadar Snir, Studio Re-Levant, Studio VE (Shay Carmon & Ben Klinger), Ezri Tarazi.

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