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GD: Having some free time in a new place meant that we got to explore some of the different neighborhoods and areas in and around Tel-Aviv.  It's nice that our line of work somehow makes shopping research!  

JF: You're so right!  We have to stay current on the best new design, fashion, art and culture.  I suppose nothing says that we must actually make purchases, but we found such wonderful little boutiques in Gan HaHashmal. Beautiful shoes at Shani Bar, luxe everyday fashion with a twist at Maya Bash, and interesting bags at More.

GD:  And with our visit to Talents Gallery, we were introduced to some interesting Israeli designers whose work we did not know of, which is always great.  You never know which of our future projects might make a perfect fit with what we see.   


JF: Our first Saturday in Israel was just perfect.  Because we couldn't work in the museum, and we were expecting everything to be closed, brunch and spa time at comme il faut in the North Port was dreamy.

GD: You said it.  And a first too.  When have we ever been in the middle of an installation and had an hour of free time, much less time for a massage?

JF:  Good thing we spent the evening working on the various talks and presentations that we have to give in the coming week around the opening festivities.


GD: Today was an exhilarating way to start the week.  Marloes ten Bhomer and Ying Gao arrived and got to work on their installations and Cedric Flazinski is due to arrive this evening so all of the pieces are coming together.

JF: And, the catalog came out today and looks just beautiful!  It is amazing how fast they can produce and print here.  The images are so great and the designers seem really pleased with it also.


GD: We sure accomplished a lot today. It feels good having all the designers on site.

JF: All the tiny details are coming together -- placement of labels, lighting.

GD: Ying's most delicate pieces, went up so easily. But we couldn't have done it without her.

Ying Gao
Ying Gao

JF: And Marloes nearly set up her entire complex installation. The solutions for the rotational mould machine are very smart.

Marloes ten Bhomer
Marloes ten Bhomer setting up her installation

GD: I feel confident that Cedric, working with the musuem's technician, will get the computer component of this project going by tomorrow, for the press conference.


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