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Marijn Van Der Poll
Atelier Van Lieshout
Jan Eric Visser
Pepe Heykoop
Boaz Cohen & Sayaka Yamamoto
Jo Meesters
Raw Edges (Shay Alkalay & Yael Mer)
Kolk Maarten & Guus Kusters
Julia Lohmann
Georg Panther
Willem Derrider
Els Woldhek
Niels Van Eijk
Ferdinand Sebastiaan & Malou Verharen
Laura Lynn Jansen
Emiel Van Boekel
Mats theselius
Guus Van Leeuwen
Nikola Nikolov
Peter Marigold
Maria Roosen
Francisco Pinto
Tanja Saeter
Mathieu Le Guern
Max Lamb
Nacho Carbonell
Anthony Kleinepier
Vincent Geraedts
Johannes Hemann
Djim Berger
Pieke Bergmans
Thomas Thwaites
Bas Warmoeskerken
Wieki Somers
Maarten Baas
Eric Klarenbeek
Bo Reudler
Dick Van Hoff
Joris Laarman
Arik Levy
William Cobbing
Studio Job
Henry Lawrence
Studio Libertiny
Maaike Roozenburg
Lonny Van Ryswyck
Carolina Wilcke
Kiki Van Eijk
Anton beeke
Digna Kosse 
Moa Lonn
Tal Gur
Yuval Shaul
Shmuel Ben Shalom
Noam Dover
Raphael Navot
Studio Reddish
Shir Atar
Ori Yekutiel

Israeli design at Barcelona Design Week 2014
The Mayors of Barcelona & Holon announced the participation of Israel as guest country of the Barcelona Design Week 2014 during a visit to the Design Museum Holon.
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Living in the Sun: Thai Workers, The New Farmers
Maya Frenkel Tene
Many changes have taken place in Israel's agriculture industry since the early days of the State. The picture emerging from data published in the reports of international and Israe
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Wheels and mirrors: automata and robots as metaphysical machines
Patrick J. Gyger
What is it with the automata these days? Those relics of a technological era we left behind more than a hundred years ago, aren't they obsolete?
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