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About the Organization:

With the official announcement of the organization as a public body came the need to define an agenda. The organization's broad aim is to maintain society- and community-oriented endeavor. The organization believes in the power of design to be a vehicle with whose help ideas can be advanced for a better society, and to bring about social change while heightening awareness and promoting the field of design and those engaged in it.

The organization has defined four main channels of activity:

1. Continued promotion of and providing a platform for artists and designers through the Out of the Box project, and the Street Print project that was launched this year.

2. To provide business tools and training for designers by means of the Design Entrepreneurs course, whose first class is currently being held at Mediatheque Holon. The project is under the auspices of and in conjunction with the Keren Shemesh Foundation.

3. Social endeavor using design as an educational tool. The organization operates and funds the Designers for the Future program at the Max Fein Vocational School. In the program, which is held in collaboration with design students from the Kibbutzim College of Education, 10th to 12th grade students are taught design both as a profession and a means of expression, communication, and personal empowerment. One of the aims of the project is to make design more accessible in localities where there is no awareness to design or possibility of being exposed to it.

4. Creating a platform for selling designed products, and promoting the fair trading of design products while maintaining and promoting the rights and status of the designers.

לצאת מהקופסא

לצאת מהקופסא

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