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Exhibitions > Ayala Serfaty

Ayala Serfaty

Ayala Serfaty

Ayala Serfaty was born in Tel Aviv, 1962. She has a BFA degree in fine arts from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem and the Middlesex Polytechnic in London. Over the past years she has exhibited in museums and galleries all over the world. Her solo shows have included venues such as the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, and the Beelden Ann Zee Sculpture Museum in The Hague. She has also participated internationally in group shows including the London Design Museum, Cooper Hewitt Museum, Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris and more. Serfaty's work is found in the collections of the Museum of Arts and Design in New York and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Alongside her artistic work Serfaty has designed lighting and furniture for Aqua Creations Lighting & Furniture Atelier. The design firm has earned international recognition for its innovative designs which combine craftsmanship with advanced technology. In addition to her commercial ventures, Serfaty continues to explore the boundaries of art and design through her installations and studio pieces.

Design Questionnaire

Q : When did you realize you wanted to be a designer?
A : 1992

Q : How would you define your design style?
A : Organic/personal

Q : What would you do if you were not a designer/artist?
A : A carpenter

Q : Where do you draw your ideas/inspiration from?
A : The materials

Q : Who do you consult about works?
A : My studio team and fellow artists

Q : Which of your projects do you consider a success?
A : Soma light

Q : Which of your projects do you consider a failure?
A : Mandala

Q : What is the first design work you can recall?
A : Cave paintings??

Q : To what extent do you believe that design should be functional?
A : 30%

Q : Name a colleague you admire.
A : Ingo Maurer

Q : What have you learnt about design yourself?
A : That it is best when it is human

Q : What in your opinion is the greatest design invention in recent years?
A : The magic bra.

Q : With which personality from the past would you like to have coffee?
A : Michaelangelo

Q : Which materials interest/fascinate you most?
A : Glass & felt

Q : What advice would you give a designer at the start of his career / What advice would you have liked to receive at the start of your career?
A : Do do do do do do do

Q : What are your future projects?
A : A solo exhibition in Cristina Grajales Gallery in NY

Ayala Serfaty



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