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John Maeda

John Maeda (b. 1966, USA) is an artist, graphic designer, computer scientist, college president and author. He is world-renowned for his work with web-based interactive motion graphics and is an advocate for the notion of simplicity in the digital age. Maeda was appointed President of the Rhode Island School of Design in 2008, where he is championing the role that art and design play in innovation. He was previously Associate Director of Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, where he taught media arts and sciences. His work is in the permanent collections of MoMA (both New York and San Francisco) and the Cartier Foundation, Paris. His commercial clients include Cartier, Google, Philips, Reebok and Samsung.

Nature, 2007
Maeda's work investigates the organic qualities of computational creativity. This work features forms
taken from nature. Foliage grows and fades, comes into focus and floats away. Maeda describes the
work as an attempt to ‘capture the spirit of the naturally abstract and fleeting world of numbers that live inside that machine'.
Custom software. 18 minutes: Edition of 1
Courtesy of Riflemaker, London

John Maeda | Designer
Detail from Nature by John Maeda |  Image courtesy of Riflemaker, London

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