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Exhibitions > Feng Mengbo

Feng Mengbo
Not Too Late, 2010

As the first Chinese artist to fully utilise computers and the internet, Feng Mengbo is well known for his pioneering, playful and interactive works. He has often used the game engine of the computer game Quake III to create works such as Q3 (1999) and Ah_Q (2002).

More recently, he has explored I more depth the traditional Chinese arts, and has experimented with both Chinese calligraphy and Shanshui (Chinese landscape painting). Recent works include Wrong Code: Shanshui (2007) and 1 BiTe (2009).

For Decode: Digital Design Sensations, Feng Mengbo combines the two directions of his work to create a new MOD by using Chinese characters as the main element. Calligraphy, as the highest standing form of the Chinese classical arts, has a life force far greater than just the function of the letters. Feng Mengbo believes in the strength of the characters and in a new future ahead. ‘Not Too Late' is his offering the great legacy of Calligraphy.

Courtesy Feng Mengbo, commissioned by the V&A, in partnership with SAP and in collaboration with CAFA Art Museum as part of the exhibition Decode: Digital Design Sensations.

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