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Racheli Chaba Sharfstein, Talya Rasner - Studio Ooga

Racheli Chaba Sharfstein, Talya Rasner - Studio Ooga

Studio Ooga is a design house - bringing to the market innovative and commercial design-based products, by -different designers from various fields.

Con-fusion table set is creating a festive atmosphere for every meal, there are 3 sets creating a pattern on the table and ready for any amount of guests.

OTOTO | Design Studio

OTOTO | Design Studio

Ori Saidi, Daniel Gassner - Studio Ototo

Ori Saidi and Daniel Gassner opened their studio Ototo in 2004.
The studio's unique products can now be found in museums, art galleries and design expos, as well as in home design stores.

Poing fruit bowl:
Iron made, laser cut fruit bowl, coated and hand stretched to create this fun, yet ultra-modern -bowl shape. The spiral shape of this contemporary bowl functions as a fruit bowl but its unique form can also be displayed on its own as art.

T-party vase:
A porcelain mix and match vase straight from wonderland's tea party vase features a dynamic structure made out of porcelain glazed in a brilliant white.

Naama Steinbock, Idan Friedman - Reddish Naama Steinbock, Idan Friedman - Reddish

Naama and Idan opened "Reddish Studio" in 2002, a design studio which produces a range of products from furniture, lighting and home accessories to jewelry.
Reddish studio constantly takes part in international design exhibitions.

Bird Bread:
Make friends with your winged neighbors, Invite them for a meal. After dining, place this bread stand on the window ledge so birds can feast on the crumbs.



Galia Tammuz | Designer Galia Tammuz

Galia Tammuz is an Industrial designer, Graduate of Shenkar college of engineering and design in 2011.Currently Living and working in Tel Aviv, Israel. Galia works with a wide range of materials and methods. Among her studies she has trained on the wheel, on which the Two Jars have been made.

Two Jars:
The mixing of two materials on the wheel produces a different and unique piece each time.
While each jar is different, they still hold the same DNA and come across as a closely related family. The radial pattern of the two materials is a reminder of the production method.

Yuval Shaul | Designer

Yuval Shaul, Jaw

Samuel Ben Shalom / Mad Kidney
Samuel Ben Shalom, Mad Kidney

Orly Tesler, Itamar Mendelovitch / Diamond Woods
Orly Tesler, Itamar
Mendelovitch, Diamond Woods


Established in 2008 by Architect Gal Gaon Talents Design's vision is to spot, develop and produce limited and small editions with upcoming design talents. After producing the first editions from a unique design concept, Talents design is introducing the concept to architects, galleries and design boutiques to bring fantastic design edition to high-end projects: houses, offices and unique hotels.

Yuval Shaul / Jaw:
Jaw is a glazed cast ceramic iconic object, a part of Talents Design Collection "Playing with nature", a collection of items, designed in the prehistoric spirit, when man used bones to create their tools for everyday use

Samuel Ben Shalom / Mad Kidney:
Being part of the ‘Mad' series, ‘Mad Kidney' is an extended version of the Designer's research of developing an iconic language for different objects and creatures. The kidney, generally hidden from the eye, is re-created as a highly aesthetic fruit bowl.

Orly Tesler, Itamar Mendelovitch / Diamond Woods:
By combining traditional craftsmanship and new technology, the team manipulates and blends familiar materials to create the new aesthetic of this series. The innovative material of the diamond woods, gives a light-weight and sustainable product, composed of a thin, yet strong wood surface (veneer) that can be widely adapted into contemporary spaces.

Orli Tesler & Itamar Mendelovitch is an upcoming Textile Design Team, that research and experiment in a wide range of materials for products for the textile industry and art.

Shir Atar | Designer

Shir Atar

Following his graduation from H.I.T (Holon Institute of Technology) Shir Atar explores the relations between industrial production & technology and hand craftsmanship & materials.
Working alongside industrial manufactur­ers offers the opportunity to observe pro­cesses and work methods of both people and machinery. His projects combines both worlds; industrial and personal and are displayed in exhibitions world-wide. 

Anafim Vases:
The vases begin with the making of a modern Fossil-casting resin over natural dry branches. After casting, the composite body of synthetic and natural materials is ready for "excavation" in a milling process. Processing the fossil on a lathe reveals the interaction between the branches and the resin. Each vase is unique, a one of a kind visual encounter that cannot be duplicated.

Marit Meisler - ceMMent

Marit Meisler - ceMMent 

Marit Meisler - ceMMent

Marit Meisler is a Product Design graduate with distinction of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. She founded ceMMent Design in Brooklyn and is now designing and manufacturing her creations. Her work has been exhibited in the Jewish Museums in New-York, Berlin, San Francisco Philadelphia and more.

Concrete Menorah:
This menorah is made of nine separate individual movable pieces that can be arranged in countless configurations which allows /allowing versatility, interaction and imagination to take part in the ceremonial use.

Tall Concrete Candlesticks for Shabbat candles:
These tall concrete candlesticks hold standard tapered table candles. The clean architectural form of these contemporary candlesticks draws attention to quality of the material. The mirror finish stainless steel stands as contrast to the warm textural quality of the concrete.

Talila Abraham - Metalace Talila Abraham - Metalace

Talia founded her design studio in 1999 focusing on the area of practical art design with emphasis on emotional touch, experimenting and experiencing new materials and objects.
In 2004, together with her husband she established Metalace Company. The firm designs and manufactures contemporary metal objects.

The Doily bowl is designed and inspired by the work of unknown women and merges the unique personal and romantic feeling of handcraft with contemporary materials and advanced technologies. The object reflects the desire for a personal touch, for hand-made old cutting edge art design products

Johnathan Hopp - Typicalocal

Johnathan Hopp - Typicalocal

Johnathan Hopp - Typicalocal

Johnathan Hopp's workshop specializes in the design and production of ceramic ware and decorative objects. The studio is located in Jaffa near the flea-market, and produces small runs of works that are inspired by the urban and cultural surroundings. 

Kinneret plate:
This Sea of Galilee Lake, the Kinneret, is an Israeli cultural and geographical icon. Part of the local culture is the ongoing obsession with the lake's water level, which is constantly in flux. The set of plates comes in three sizes, and allows everyone to own their own personal "lake kinneret".

The Passover plate:
The Passover plate is a traditional Jewish dish that appears as the centerpiece on the table at the Seder dinner.  The Passover plate is placed in the center and loaded with five different kinds of food symbolizing historic events. This Passover plate was made in the designer's studio using an unorthodox process.

Meirav Peled Barzilay, Golden Age

Meirav Peled Barzilay, Golden Age

Meirav Peled Barzilay an independent product designer, Established her studio in 2009.
In her work she constantly examines various objects and materials. Her works have been presented in museums, galleries and exhibitions and covered in numerous media publications world-wide.

Golden age:
The Golden age vases are inspired by the loss of skin elasticity in old age. They are first slip mold cast and then manually modified. The production process results with similar but never identical vessels.

Noam Dover, Michal Cederbaum Noam Dover, Michal Cederbaum

Living and working in Tel Aviv, Noam Dover and Michal Cederbaum initiated their joint studio in 2009. Coming from different fields of design and often working with other artists and designers, their creative dialogue strives to be a broad and multidisciplinary one.

Scan & Scale:
Scan & Scale is about looking for ways to broaden the visual language of computer-based design. It is an attempt to bridge between a visual language that originates from nature and a new visual style deriving from the current digital and technological developments.

Anat Stein, Hadas Kruk - Studio Armadillo Anat Stein, Hadas Kruk - Studio Armadillo

Studio Armadillo was founded in 1997 by Anat Stein and Hadas Kruk. In addition to product design services for industry, Studio Armadillo creates independent design and art in the field of Contemporary Judaica.

Ceramic objects inspired by the art of paper folding:
The ceramic vase, Hanukah menorah, and candlestick are a part of a series of ceramic objects inspired by the art of paper folding. Fascinated by the transformation of 2 dimensional sheets into a 3 dimensional object, the sketches and concepts were actually designed in paper, after which the paper models were translated to ceramic molds.

Mey and Boaz Kahn - Studio Kahn

Mey and Boaz Kahn - Studio Kahn

Mey and Boaz Kahn's contemporary ideas are meant to surround you with stories, emotions, hopes and fantasies, revealing questions about our way of living and suggesting new, exciting ways of looking at it.

FRAGILE salt & pepper shaker set:
This ceramic salt and pepper set offers you the opportunity to break something. The product comes in one piece and by breaking it, you make it useful. The act of the breaking leaves its mark on the shaker and gives it its one-of-a-kind final appearance.

Irit Abba | Ceramic Designer Irit Abba

Irit Abba, winner of the 2009 Andy Prize, has been creating for three decades. Her work has internalized a wide-reaching pottery culture, during the past decade she has been perfecting porcelain work on the pottery wheel with virtuosity, testing the boundaries of matter.

Decorated Vessel:
Decorated vessel, wheel thrown black stoneware combined with porcelain and with porcelain slip, glaze, pierced and carved.

Ronen Kadushin

Ronen Kadushin

Ronen Kadushin is an Israeli designer and design educator living in Berlin since 2005. In 2004 Kadushin developed the Open Design concept, and formed Open Design, a design and production company for furniture, lighting and accessories which are produced in Berlin and sold in Europe and the USA.

Flat Knot Bowl:
The Flat Knot bowl is the first ever published Open Design. The design is a two dimension­al "cutout" represented as digital information and published on the internet for free download and a permission to copy, modify and produce the design under a Creative Commons license. Coupled with The flexibility of CNC production methods, all technically conforming designs are continuously available for production, in any number, with no tooling investment, anywhere and by anyone.

Segev Moisa Segev Moisa

Segev that was born in Israel spent half of his youth in Canada. Growing up in two very different cultures, enriched and influenced him greatly as a person and designer.
He believes in working with many mediums and tools, trying to give thought a worthy physical expression.

Many industrial processes produce identical products, resulting in the loss of individuality.
Adding two uncontrolled variables to the industrial production method, each piece produced becomes unique.

Dafna Noam Dafna Noam

Dafna Noam is a Senior Designer at Peleg Design Studio. Fascinated by the relationship between people and objects, her designs explore everyday situations, resulting in products with a fresh and innovative perspective.

Good boy Bowl:
This bowl is part of a set of bowls that celebrates the last spoonful, and address a high-end table top set, bearing a thin gold wave, and meant to be used for special occasion meals.

Gur Kimel - Kimel Handmade Gur Kimel - Kimel Handmade

Gore Kimmel, is a product designer and jeweler from Tel - Aviv, Israel. Developed, designed and manufactured the metal tools in his grandfather's workshop he inherited

Kimel handmade kitchen vessels:
This Set of serving tools is made by combining manually processing stainless steel with the manufacturing processes of locksmith and jewelry. Based on traditional working methods a new craft was created rooted by the overlapping of these two crafts.

Tal Zur

Tal Zur

Tal Zur - Studio Trixie

Trixie studio, named after the designer's grandmother, is a young independent design studio.
The studio is well diversified in its character: from tableware, food objects and home furniture to Judaic and fashion accessories.

Kiddush glass:
The inspiration for the design of the holy cups comes from the old -fashion classic alcohol bottles.
After pouring the wine into the glass the cup becomes a cork to the bottle and the gold base becomes the bottle's base, thus every wine tasting is as special as the wine used for the traditional Shabbat dinner.

Planter set:
The serving utensils are a product of the combination of both ceramic and porcelain.
These tableware dishes come to strengthen the sense of earth and freshness as the thought behind them is humorous and romantic.

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