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ALLT Studio | Slovak | Design Studio

ALLT studio

ALLT is a design studio run by Peter Simoník and Elena Bolceková, based in Bratislava, Slovakia. In its short history, counting since 2011, it showcases a creative approach noticed by galleries and valued by individual customers. Functional object, a product, is the point of their interest, furniture and life. They make their products purposeful and with a story behind. Work of ALLT studio has been exhibited in various installations in Slovakia and internationally. Individual exhibitions include Design Studio ULUV (Bratislava, 2011), GASK (KutnaHora, 2011), Art Design Project (Bratislava, 2012). They also cooperated on a project SKIN - Slovakia in Design for Czech Designblok(Prague, 2011).

Katarina Siposova | Slovak | Designer

Katarina Siposova

In 2011 I have graduated from bachelor degree at the University of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia. Recently I continue my master degree studies at the department S+M+L_XL, Metal and Jewellery. In 2011 I participated at the International Design Fetival in Lodz, Poland and my work was selected for the International Biennale Metalofonas in Vilnius, Lithuania. I was presenting my project led by Prof. Christine Ludeke during the Milano Design Week in 2010. The same year I created jewellery for the fashion collection "Svetrynk" designed by Bronislava Brucková.  

Marian Lassak | Slovak | Designer

Marian Lassak

Marian Lassak was born in Slovakia, 1979.
He studied at Slovak Technical University and continued at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava where he received his MFA in 2006. In 2007 he co-founded the Comunistar Designers studio which focuses on creating conceptual and experimental design. In 2009 and 2010 he lectured design at the Technical University of Zvolen in Slovakia and one year later he gained a Post Doctoral degree at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. He works with cultural institutions, design shops, galleries and architects. 

Martin Bu | Slovak | Designer

Martin Bu
www.martinbu.com  / www.studionobus.com

Martin Bu (b. 1976, Czechoslovakia) received his Master of Arts from Academy of Fine Art and Design in Bratislava. As an exchange students studied at Bezalel Academy of fine Art and Design in Jerusalem. Martin Bu is an accomplished designer and brings together his experiences in product design with passion for ceramics and tableware. He is co-founder of Studio Nobus. His products are often conceptually oriented, yet practical and fully functional. Products are designing to express an opinion toward social conditions and situation. Function is also important, but mainly to create a product that is often witty and sometimes ironic. Martin Bu's work has been shown at international festivals including Lodz Design Week, 57 Premio Faenza Exhibition - Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza , Pragues Designblok and Budapest Design week. In 2010 won „Rings on Water competition with his „Coffee Table"work. Martin Bu received grant for his new Doctoral research (Recycling Laboratory) from Slovak Ministry of Culture and residency program from (BMUKK) Federal Ministry of Culture and Education of Austria.

Milos Nemec | Slovak | Designer

Miloš Nemec

Miloš Nemec (1976) creates the design which is the reaction on the environment in which he lives, the poeple who will use it and the interiors which will complement it. His motto is that: „Good ideas are one of the best things in life". His design is simple with a bit of humore connected with the function. He is focusing on the following materials: porcelain, gypsum, plastic, wood and metal.In his professional practicein the company he is using digital technology. In the recent days he is creating a new collection of the author's porcelain and the profile of its own brand. His works are know, as from the internet as from the public exhibitions.

Peter Jakubik | Slovak | Designer Peter Jakubik

Peter Jakubik (born 1979)  focuses in industrial, fashion and interior design. He achieved his Master's degree in Applied Arts and Industrial Design at The Academy of Fine Art and design in Bratislava. In 2007 Peter and his former academy fellows founded collective of designers named Comunistar designers (2007-2010). Peter Jakubik is an accomplished designer and brings together his experiences in designer leadership, creative consulting in fashion and lifestyle product design. Peter combines a talent for provoking ideas with a passion for spicy details. Peter´s work has been published in design and lifestyle magazines and blogs. His works are internationally exhibited since 2004.

Tomas Kral | Slovak | Designer

Tomas Kral

Born in 1979 in slovakia, Tomas Kral graduate from the Ecole Cantonale D'art de Lausanne (ecal). After finishing his bachelor in industrial design in 2006, he received at ecal the master degree in the same field in 2008 and « mas » diploma in luxury design in 2009. Established in 2008, Tomas Kral is a product design studio based in Lausanne in Switzerland. In the context of industrial production and research, Kral's approach to design is characterized by a clear preoccupation for materials and processes. He often takes inspiration in the tradition and he infuse his objects with unexpected ideas, humor and freshness. He frequently observes and experiment with craftmanship and the knowledge of manufacturers. Tomas Kral exhibited in several museums and galleries like Libby sellers (london), Kreo (paris), Helmrinderknecht (berlin) and worked for international companies specialsized in design. Recently, his work received several awards and prizes including leitz innovation & design award, « excellent prize » in the 9th international bicycle design competition or swiss federal design award in march 2010.

Croatia / Czech / Estonia / Hungary / Latvia / Lithuania / Poland / RomaniaSlovak / Slovenia
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