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The Design Lab at Design Museum Holon is hosting Oded Ezer, a graphic designer, typographer, and senior lecturer at Holon Institute of Technology (HIT), who will be leading a Hebrew typography workshop for third-year students from HIT's Department of Visual Communications. The workshop will provide the students with tools for original typographic creation based on the principles of the Hebrew letter.

The four-month workshop will encompass subjects such as the fundamental difference between the Latin and Hebrew letter, the architectural and style principles of the classical Hebrew letter, understanding the concept of typographic style, how to work with a style palette, typographical research methodologies, and original individual typographic work, and will encourage searching for and experiencing a unique language in stress-free "laboratory conditions"

The learning process will be documented and presented to Museum visitors in the form of an active blog and exhibiting the sketching stages and the end products in the Museum itself.

The students are charged with a great deal of responsibility: not only do they have to study and assimilate the subject of typography, but their end products have to be such that they can teach Museum visitors "What is a letter?"

The challenge of practicing typography so that it is playful and interactive in and of itself attends all the exercises with which we will be engaging throughout the next four months.

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