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Exhibitions > The Design Museum Holon Collection - Konstantin Grcic

The Design Museum Holon Collection - Konstantin Grcic


Konstantin Grcic
Chair One, 2004
Die-cast aluminum, anodised

Chair One is constructed like a football, with a number of flat planes assembled at angles to each other, to create the three-dimensional form. Both the legs and body are made of aluminum, die-cast into steel molds - a technique typically used with metals such as zinc, aluminum and magnesium, and to a lesser extent also with brass and copper. This is the most cost-effective method for complex, accurate objects weighing between 0.1-20 kg. Die-cast objects are usually 20%-50% stronger than when sandcast, and secondary machining is usually unnecessary. Objects maintain their strength despite thin walls, reducing the amount of metal needed. The casting equipment and metal dies are however costly, which limits the feasibility of the process only to mass-produced items.

Designed for Magis
Courtesy of Tollman's

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