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Exhibitions > The Design Museum Holon Collection - Yoav Reches

The Design Museum Holon Collection - Yoav Reches
Yoav Reches

Rope Bench, 2009
Birch plywood, polyester rope, PVC

The bench is part of a series of seats that consist of sheet elements held together by rope tension. The rope is guided through a pattern of grooves which cross over the different faces, embracing the elements into a rigid structure. Rope furniture was developed as an alternative method for assembling flat-pack, knockdown furniture, offering a simple, tool-less assembly process. The assembly requires following a given path, with clearlydefined start and finish points. The decorative appeal of the rope accords with two functional aspects: first as a structural element, by crossing each edge three times or more; second, through the friction provided by the rounded grooves, which insures a sufficient tension to holds the parts in place during the assembly process. This form of geometric interlocking replaces the need for exterior joints such as screws and nails.

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