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HIT | Street Design

Going Out Into the Street

The course comprises weekly and fortnightly group exercises. Course instructor Luka Or gives us a word, term, or sentence, and from there it's up to us to develop our independent interpretation. So every project looks different and treats the subject of the project differently.

This time the challenge is to make fifty people (at least) act in the public space with the aid of an object.

The main question preoccupying us in this project is how can we as designers influence a large number of people to touch and change something in their daily routine, and all this by means of design?

It sounds difficult, even bordering on the impossible.

After almost a week of brainstorming and planning, we turned our attention to execution and went out into the street.

Each group came up with a different concept for the object, chose a location, and in the end submitted a short film documenting the action.

The first group (Nir Partush, Mor Levy, Shira Steingarten, and Noa Beja) chose an object that requires operation in the public space, and the members of the group were the operators/actors. They used objects identified with the culture of encouraging physical activity, and positioned themselves along jogging routes. The combination of the objects and the environment created a situation that made people react.

The second group (Raz Elias, Gal Toldo, Daniel Sher, and Lior Moscovich) chose to treat the object as something that activates people. They spread sheets of bubble wrap in Cinematheque Square and waited to see the reactions of the passersby who trod on the bubble wrap surface.

People's reactions in the public space were interesting, funny, surprising, and in some cases even moving. Every person reacts differently, and there are also a lot of people who choose not to react at all.

After screening the films we discussed the way we choose to present the interventions to our audience in the street, and raised questions for discussion: How do we expect them to react? And how can we make them participate?

In the next post: Public Benches

Introduction / Post 1 / Post 2


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