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Exhibitions > Synesthesia

Synesthesia / February 2010

Synesthesia is a rare and particular neurological condition that results in a combination of sensory
perceptions. For instance, some people can taste colours and see sounds. Iris van Herpen interprets
this phenomenon as a hallucinatory sensation. Using specially treated leather coated on one side
with shiny metal foil, she has created a striking and bewildering visual effect that makes it difficult for the viewer to recognize exactly what she or he sees. 

Moreover, Van Herpen treats the body here as an extremely receptive, sensitive and fragile whole. Starting from a vision of the future in which clothing might supplement or strengthen sensory perception, Van Herpen has designed certain elements such as hypersensitive,vibrating instruments or extra receptors, which enable the wearer to experience the world in an entirely different way.

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Synesthesia by Iris van Herpen

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