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Overview Current Exhibitions / Holon Galleries / Israel-Italy Design Forum

The following exhibitions will be showing in galleries around the City of Holon:
Design Week Holon 2015

Toy Visit
Curator: Hana Hertsman
HaMishkan Gallery, Beit Meirov

Toy Visit will present toys children played with during Israel's first decades alongside new toys, some inspired by the old ones, expressing nostalgic longing.

Design Week Holon 2015

Tin Man
Curator: Dr. Guy Morag Tzepelewitz
HaChava Gallery

Tin Man by designer and recycling artist Ronen Wasserman. Out of an inner conviction of the importance of recycling, Ronen creates applied art objects from used car parts. Under his hands the rusty car scraps he "rescues" transform, in work he defines as between tinsmithing and metalworking, into surprising, refined, and perfect pieces of furniture.

Design Week Holon 2015 Color Number Eight
Dov Hoz Blvd. Street Exhibition

Color Number Eight is an exhibition of illustrations and poems from the books by poet Shlomit Cohen-Assif. The illustrations by Inbal Leitner incorporated with delicate embroidery by Alina Zashkevicha and combined with the moving poems of Shlomit Cohen-Assif mark the seamline between what is and what isn't, between forbidden and permitted, and seek to propose that which almost touches our nose but has yet to be revealed.
Design Week Holon 2015

Concrete Games
Hankin Gallery

Concrete Games, in which designer and artist Sharon Pazner presents works on the subject of playfulness made from concrete combined with various objects she finds and recycles: nails, screws, nuts, sardine cans, wood scraps, and so forth. For example, objects that look like actual games or toys, such as small vehicles or big building blocks, and pieces that include concrete castings of existing games such as computer images, robots, and Lego.

HIT-Holon Institute of Technology Goes to the Museum

HIT-Holon Institute of Technology Goes to the Museum is a unique HIT project to mark Design Week Holon. Continuing the tradition that began last year, design students from HIT together with instructors Luka Or and Tal Zur will be participating in Design Week Holon. In their unique activities the students react to the exhibitions showing in the Museum and break out of the Museum's built boundaries, extending the design experience into the space outside it. The students' innovative and forward-thinking perspective and their diverse projects enable the general public alongside design professionals to encounter a new and young perspective of the world of design in places that are not considered galleries in the conventional sense of the word. Projects include: Alternative Interior Signage - treating existing signage in the Museum and its surroundings as an intervention site. The students will hack the information and direction signs, such as restroom signs, direction signs, visitor information signs, exit signs, and so forth, react to them and use them to create new stories. Stairs - stickers will be attached to the stairs that from a certain angle create an entire image in order to heighten the experience of walking through the space. Collections Exhibition in the exterior Mediatheque windows facing the courtyard - transforming the deep windows into "display windows" in which various collections will be displayed with captions and explanations, and will become mini-galleries in their own right.

As in previous years, the Department of Industrial Design will be holding its In the Middle exhibition which, as its name indicates, takes place in the middle of the academic year and presents a cross-section of the department's activities. The exhibition includes student projects from the past year which the students designed and built in a wide variety of courses and collaborations with commercial companies and social and community organizations. The exhibition will be held in Jaffa Port.


Overview Current Exhibitions / Holon Galleries / Israel-Italy Design Forum

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